A Peep At Toyland Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Peep At Toyland Questions & Answers.

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A Peep At Toyland Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pattern – a repeated design
  • Peep – to look at something quickly
  • Squeaky – high pitched sound
  • Whiskers – beard or moustache
  • Piles – heaps of things lying one on top of another
  • Dainty – delicately small and pretty

Question 1: How can you tell that the place called Toyland was in a big city?

Answer: Uncle Fred drove the children in his car through the busy streets and stopped at a big gate. This clearly shows that Toyland was in a big city.

Question 2: What were the long rolls of cloth used for?

Answer: The long rolls of cloth were used for making varieties of toys like rabbits, elephants and dolls.

Question 3: What kind of toys did the children see being made in the different rooms?

Answer: In different rooms, the children saw a number of toys like the toy rabbits, a lovely toy elephant and beautiful dolls.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
“There are dolls having their faces painted.  It looks like easy work.”

(a) Who is the speaker of the above line?

Answer: The speaker of the above line is Bobby.

(b) What did Bobby want to do when he saw the dolls having their faces painted?

Answer: When Bobby saw the dolls having their faces painted, he wanted to paint Alice’s big doll at home.

(c) What did Alice think of his idea?

Answer: Alice did not like Bobby’s idea and said that she would hide her doll from him.

So, these were A Peep At Toyland Questions & Answers.

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