A Remarkable Gift Questions & Answers

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A Remarkable Gift Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

(a) Ravi had many friends – False
(b) Nobody involved Ravi in the preparation of Teachers’ Day celebrations – True
(c) Ravi gave his favourite pen as a gift to his teacher – False
(d) Ravi was extremely fidgety for the next few months – True
(e) Ravi gave his teacher a rose and a Thank-you card – True

Question 2: Ravi was an ideal student except for one quality. What was it that made him so unpopular?

Answer: Ravi had a fiery temper which got easily out of control.

Question 3: Apart from this one trait, what were the positive qualities he had?

Answer: He participated in school activities such as elocution and dramatics. He was an-excellent sportsman and swimmer.

Question 4: Miss Mala asked Ravi to gift her something unusual on Teachers’ Day. What was it?

Answer: Miss Mala asked Ravi to gift his anger to her.

Question 5: Did Ravi willingly give away the gift?

Answer: Yes, Ravi willingly gave away the gift.

Question 6: Did he face any difficulties later on?

Answer: Ravi was extremely fidgety for next fifteen days. He kept reminding himself not to lose his temper.

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