A Ship On Fire At Sea Questions & Answers

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A Ship On Fire At Sea Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘The black water took in and quenched all that blazing top-hamper and still the awful hissing was audible….’

(a) What is the author talking about in these lines?

Answer: The author is talking about the blazing and burning top-hamper of the ship being engulfed by the water with a hissing sound, which is heard when any burning object is doused in water.

(b) Why is the water referred to as black?

Answer: The water is referred to as black because of all the soot and burned parts of the ship floating on it.

(c) What happens just after this?

Answer: The blazing ship plunged headlong in the water and sank into the sea just after this.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

‘One’, said Tom, ‘only one, sir.’

(a) Who is Tom?

Answer: Tom is the narrator’s brother.

(b) Who is the listener?

Answer: The narrator’s uncle is the listener.

(c) What is Tom talking about?

Answer: Tom is telling his uncle that there was only one survivor they were able to rescue from the burning ship.

Question 3: What was the course of the commotion on board the narrator’s yacht?

Answer: The burning ship which the author saw in the middle of the sea and great yellowish sickly moon hanging on the horizon were the two causes of commotion on board the author’ yacht.

Question 4: How did the narrator describe the sight that she saw in the beginning?

Answer: The narrator described the sight of the burning ship. What she saw, she never forgot in her life. A great ship was blazing and fire was coming out of each narrow crack from the black hull. Its main mast had gone and the mizzen mast lay with several great white sails moving on the water. The fore mast and its rigging sails had not caught fire yet. This sight had created a dead silence on the author’s yacht.

Question 5: Why was the narrator worried on seeing the burning ship sink into the sea?

Answer: The narrator was worried because the fire was so intense on the ship that it looked like nobody could be saved from it. So, when the ship sank into the sea, the narrator was worried for the rescue team which had gone towards the burning ship.

Question 6: Why does Brand say that the ship may have been deserted?

Answer: Brand says that the ship may have been deserted because they did not hear any cries of help coming from the ship.  

Question 7: Towards the end, what were the sailors cheering for?

Answer: The sailors were cheering for the safe return of the rescue boats and the men who had gone for the rescue.

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