A Stitch in Time Questions & Answers

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A Stitch in Time Questions & Answers

  • Seams – a line of stitches that joins two pieces of cloth
  • Crumpled – crushed with many folds, creases and wrinkles
  • Enthusiasts – people filled with great interest
  • Puncture – a hole, generally in a tire that lets the air inside the tyre escape
  • Peering – looking at an object with great attention and concentration
  • Rim – the outer and often upper edge of an object
  • Sneak – to go somewhere secretly
  • Adhesive – any substance that can make things stick
  • Immerses – dips or pushes an object or something down in a liquid, so that it is covered completely

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The seams of Shyam’s favourite shirt have come apart.
(b) Shrisha is Shyam’s friend.
(c) Shyam calls his grandfather Thatha.
(d) Uncle George teaches Chemistry in Shrisha’s brother college.
(e) Shrisha uses a screwdriver to open up the back of the iron.
(f) Conduction takes place when a substance allows heat or electricity to pass through it.

Question 2: Write one word for:

(a) An object, usually cylindrical in shape, around which thread is wound so that it can be stored – spool
(b) A tool that has a metal tip attached to a handle and is used to tighten and loosen screws – screwdriver
(c) A device that controls temperature and automatically switches the supply of heat on and off – thermostat
(d) An object consisting of metal pins that fit into the holes of an electrical socket and is used to make an electrical connection to a piece of equipment – plug
(e) Lifts something on one end by using a tool under it, to force it away from something else – pries

A Stitch in Time Questions & Answers

Question 3: Who was searching for the screwdriver?

Answer: Shyam was searching for the screwdriver.

Question 4: Who put the piece of rubber on the hole that was in the inner tube of the tyre?

Answer: Shyam put the piece of rubber on the hole that was in the inner tube of the tire.

Question 5: Who helped Shrisha and Shyam repair the tyre?

Answer: Manigandan Anna helped Shrisha and Shyam repair the tyre.

Question 6: Who showed Shrisha and Shyam the multimeter?

Answer: Aunty Anupama showed Shrisha and Shyam the multimeter.

Question 7: What was wrong with the iron?

Answer: The small wire next to the plug of the iron was broken. This was the fault that did not allow the electricity to flow to the iron. The plug and the wire had to be replaced.

Question 8: Write True or False:

(a) A thermostat controls the flow of electricity to an electrical equipment – True
(b) A geyser does not have a thermostat – False
(c) Shrisha repaired the iron – False
(d) Shrisha and Shyam wasted a whole day – False
(e) The Repair Cafes help to reduce waste – True

A Stitch in Time Questions & Answers

Question 9: Who

(a) repaired the iron?
Answer: Anupama Aunty

(b) had been invited to the Repair Mela?
Answer: Manigandan Anna

(c) mended Shyam’s shirt?
Answer: Thatha

(d) had Shrisha already watched, repairing an iron?
Answer: George Uncle

(e) saw that the tyre of the bicycle was punctured?
Answer: Shrisha

Question 10: Read the line and answer the question:

“Let’s test it.” She switches it on, and the light glows.

(i) Who is speaking these lines and to whom?
Answer: Anupama Aunty is speaking these lines to Shrisha and Shyam.

(ii) What is being tested?
Answer: Iron box

(iii) Who is testing it?
Answer: Anupama Aunty

Question 11: Read the line and answer the question:

“Then how do you tell where the puncture is?” he asks.

(i) Who asks this question?
Answer: Shyam asked this question.

(ii) To whom is the question asked?
Answer: The question was asked to Manigandan Anna.

(iii) What has been punctured?
Answer: The rear tyre of the cycle was punctured.

So, these were A Stitch in Time Questions & Answers.

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