A Terrible Earthquake Questions & Answers

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A Terrible Earthquake Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is a natural disaster?

Answer: A natural disaster is a sudden overwhelming and unforeseen event. For example – volcano, earthquake, flood, explosion, avalanches, etc.

Question 2: Which areas were affected by the earthquake of 2005?

Answer: The areas affected by the earthquake of 2005 were – Azad Kashmir (AJK), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and India’s western and southern Kashmir.

Question 3: Why was the initial rescue work hampered?

Answer: The initial rescue work was hampered because of the mountainous terrain, bad weather and damaged or collapsed buildings and roads.

Question 4: Which was the largest earthquake that struck Quetta (Baluchistan) in the century?

Answer: The largest earthquake that struck Quetta (Baluchistan) in the century occurred on 31st May, 1935. This has been the deadliest earthquake in the region with a magnitude of 8.1 that killed about 35000 people. The outlying villages were completely wiped out.

Question 5: What efforts were made to provide relief to the affected people?

Answer: Government agencies and NGOs made every effort to deliver relief supplies to the affected people. As the winter was about to set in, temporary camps were set up for the affectees. The efforts of the troops as well as civilians provided relief to the survivors.

Question 6: Who took active part in the rescue work?

Answer: Pakistan Army, social workers, students and people from every walk of life took active part and reached the devastated areas without any loss of time.

Question 7: How can timely disaster management save lives?

Answer: Timely disaster management can save lives as it oversees the response to a disaster and effectively mobilise the required equipment and aid needed to help the affected people.

Question 8: How can people be trained for disaster management?

Answer: The government should organize training programs to bring awareness among people. Committees comprising people from Public Works Department, Police, Fire Department and Communication should be prepared for disaster management.

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