A Tiger in School Questions & Answers

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A Tiger in School Questions & Answers

Question 1: The master told the tiger to change his lifestyle as ‘violence cannot be everlasting’. How did he explain this to tiger?

Answer: The master explained it to the tiger that even a human child does act of violence like crushing ants but soon grows out it when he attains maturity. A violent person would grow old and dependent and would lack energy. The tiger was beyond its strength so, it should not be aggressive.

Question 2: Why do you think the people thought that the master was talking to the headmaster?

Answer: It was logical that the master was talking to the headmaster since the master could not be expected to have a talk with tiger who was the only other living being in that room apart from the headmaster. Even if he talked to the tiger, he would have uttered instructions when one is dealing with animals. But here, he was talking philosophically. So, the fact that he was talking to headmaster was a belief.

Question 3: The master told the people not to fear the tiger. He said, ‘he has only the appearance of a tiger, but he is not one-inside he is not different from you and me.’ What did he mean?

Answer: The master told the people that the tiger was a changed being and would not hurt anyone. He was as afraid of humans as they were of him. He wanted the people not to behave in a manner that may excite the tiger and thus make him attack them. he requested them to treat him as a harmless cat.

Question 4: The headmaster was a sorry spectacle. Describe how.

Answer: The headmaster has jumped over the loft when the tiger entered and had to be pulled down by the tiger’s master to make him leave his safe place. He was in his turban and dress which was the symbol of authority in the school but in contrast, his behaviour was that of helplessness. He was humiliated and it was witnessed by a large crowd.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

My master never explained to me the mystery or the process of his influence on me.

The influence that the master had on the tiger was such that

i. the tiger seemed to get the power of human speech and could converse with the swami.
ii. the tiger felt very sleepy and its brain began to cloud and thus he understood nothing.
iii. the tiger became subdued, sapped of all energy and began to understand human speech.

A Tiger in School Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

I was sick of human beings; they were everywhere, every inch of the earth seemed to be swarming with humanity. Ever since the unfortunate day I stepped into that village in the forest to the present moment I was being hemmed in.

The tiger is sick of humans because they are present everywhere and

i. he cannot help meeting them wherever he goes.
ii. have been interfering with his life since that unfortunate day.
iii. speak very loudly when they are excited.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘You have all improved to the extent of not referring to him as “brute” or “beast”, but I’m sorry to note that you still have no confidence in him or me.’

Here the swami is referring to

i. the normal perception that the tiger is a large and dangerous animal and hence must be caught or killed.
ii. the extraordinary and irrational fear that the people of Malgudi felt when they saw the tiger.
iii. the poor language of the people who used words incorrectly and inappropriately.

Question 8: Why do you think the tiger followed every instruction of his master? Was it merely because he had begun to understand his philosophy?

Answer: The tiger had been trained in a circus to follow the commands. So, when master gave him instruction, he followed them out of his habit. The tiger says ‘I understood which might mean that he understood what he ought to do. He had not begun to understand his master’s philosophy but he finally accepted the fact that the only way to survive was to do what his master wants.

Question 9: When the tiger and his master emerged from the room they saw no one, but heard only suppressed, excited comments and whispers from different corners. What does this tell you about human nature?

Answer: There were people to hear what was going inside the room. The moment the tiger and its master emerged from the room, they ran to the nearest safe place, they were whispering for fear of exciting and angering the tiger. The master had assured them that tiger would not harm them but they still considered the tiger as a threat it shows that humans are rather cowardly.

Question 10: When Alphonse asked the master if it was the same tiger, he answered cryptically, ‘same and another’ what do you think he meant?

Answer: The master meant that though it was the same tiger it had undergone a change in its nature. So, it was the same tiger with different characteristics who follows its master like a cat and did not show aggressiveness.

Question 11: ‘But violence cannot be everlasting. Sooner or later, it has to go….’ Do you agree with the holy man? Give reason for your opinion.

Answer: Yes, no form of violence can be everlasting. Violence is the result of anger which in time slowly subside. Violence is never a solution of a problem. The effect of violence on mental health leads to a quick downfall.

So, these were A Tiger in School Questions & Answers.

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