A Wise Lesson Questions & Answers

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A Wise Lesson Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Glad tidings – good news
  • Renown – fame
  • Potential father – to be father
  • Robust – strong and healthy
  • Boasted – talked with too much pride about one’s actions
  • Destinies – events that are to take place in people’s lives in the future
  • Befall – to happen to somebody
  • Dervish – a member of a religious group who performs a fastdance as part of worship
  • Descent – family origin
  • Pious – very religious

Question 1: Choose the correct answers(s): There may be more than one correct answer.

1. What hopes did the man have for his son who was yet to be born?

(a) He would be healthy, wise and educated.
(b) The father would earn so much money that the son would never need to work.
(c) The father hoped that the son would grow up to be a nice man who would bring pride to him.

2. What was the reaction of the wife when she heard her husband’s plans for their to-be son?

(a) She agreed with her husband’s vision of their son’s future.
(b) She cautioned her husband not to make plans ahead of time.
(c) She was insecure about their life.

3. Why did the wife caution her husband about boasting?

(a) Only God knows what will happen in the future.
(b) She was superstitious.
(c) We cannot control everything.

4. What was the similarity between the husband and the dervish?

(a) They both were humble.
(b) They both made plans for the future without considering the possibility that something bad could also happen.
(c) Both were dreamers.

Question 2: Complete the following sentences in your own words.

1. The dervish began making plans of selling his honey in the market and thereby getting rich by using the money he would make.

2. The dervish broke his jar because he was so caught up in his daydream of getting rich, he raised his stick so high that it broke his jar.

3. The plans of the dervish and the husband were similar because both were planning for things for the future without knowing what would exactly happen.

4. The dervish’s hope for a better future crashed because while planning for the future he ignored the present and got careless.

5. The lesson that the wife shared with her husband was that it is not wise to plan ahead for the future because you don’t know the things that can happen in future.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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