The Story of The River Ganga Questions & Answers

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The Story of The River Ganga Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following in your own words.

1. The Ganga is a holy river because it was brought down to the earth from heaven.
2. People release the ashes of the dead in the River Ganga so that their souls may find salvation.
3. King Sagara performed the aswamedha yagya because he wanted to draw the boundary of his empire and ensure that people knew who their king was.
4. In the aswamedha yagya, a horse was allowed by the king to roam across the realm. Whoever lets the horse roam uninterrupted is promised the king’s protection.
5. The difference between the sixty thousand sons of King Sagara and the grandson Anshuman was that the sons were cruel, proud and not liked by the people, but Anshuman was a good grandson who fulfilled his duties.
6. All the sons of King Sagara were disliked by the people because they were cruel and unkind.

Question 2: Why were the Gods not happy with the sons of King Sagara?

Answer: The Gods were unhappy with the sons of King Sagara because they were cruel and people suffered greatly because of their cruelty.

Question 3: What solution did the Gods find to their problem with the sons of Sagara?

Answer: The Gods’ solution to the problem of Sagara’s sons was to lead them to their death.

Question 4: Why did King Bhagiratha choose to do penance?

Answer: King Bhagiratha chose to do the penance because he had no sons who could succeed him as the next king. Also, he was troubled by the unfulfilled task of not having brought Ganga down to the earth so that his sixty thousand ancestors could attain salvation.

Question 5: Why and how did Shiva stop the Ganga from flowing down to the earth?

Answer: Ganga was very proud as she was the favourite of the Gods. She flowed to the earth with all her might. But Shiva stopped her with his matted hair.

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