The Cranky Macaw Questions & Answers

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The Cranky Macaw Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences in your own words:

1. Johnny Jay and Crazy Coot did not like to be in the company of many people because meeting people always made them cranky.

2. Crazy Coot was not an ordinary pet because he was very intelligent and could speak like humans.

3. Crazy Coot would screech at Missy May probably because he did not like anybody other than Johnny Jay.

4. The police were surprised when they realised how Missy May escaped because she was saved by a talking bird.

Question 2: What kind of birds are macaws? What is special about them?

Answer: Macaws are a kind of South American parrot. They are of different colours. They are very intelligent and can also be taught to speak.

Question 3: Give two proofs from the story that indicate that Johnny Jay and Crazy Coot were not used to living among lots of people.

Answer: The following indicate that Johnny Jay and Crazy Coot were not used to living among lots of people –

i. They preferred to live alone in their cabin on the island of Guana when they were on land.

ii. Johnny Jay kept only one constant company for many years and that was his pet macaw, Crazy Coot.

Question 4: What would have happened to Missy May, had she woken up while the thief was still in the middle of his burglary?

Answer: If Missy May would have woken up while the thief was robbing the parlour, he might have hurt or wounded her to escape being caught.

Question 5: Why did the thief turn into stone?

Answer: The thief got stunned at hearing the tone of police siren and gunshots from Crazy Coot, as he wasn’t expecting anyone else apart from Missy May in the parlour. This shocked him and he stood as if he had turned into stone.

Question 6: How do you think people decide which animal, bird or reptile they want as a pet?

Answer: We think that people decide on which kind of pet to keep, based on their own living patterns and their want of companionship. Some people have preferences driven by their security needs too.

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