Abu Ali Counts His Donkeys Questions & Answers

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Abu Ali Counts His Donkeys Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Behind – back
  • Foolish – silly
  • Rocks – mass of stones
  • Climb – get on top
  • Look for – search
  • Around – on all sides
  • Count – adding figures

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Abu Ali bought ten donkeys – False
(b) Abu rode one of the donkeys – True
(c) Abu wanted to hide the donkeys – False
(d) He counted one donkey less – True
(e) He asked his friend Musa to help him – True
(f) Musa thought that Abu was clever – False

Question 2: Where did Abu Ali go?

Answer: Abu Ali went to the fair.

Question 3: What did Abu buy at the fair?

Answer: Abu bought nine donkeys at the fair.

Question 4: What did Abu Ali think on the way to home?

Answer: On the way to home, Abu Ali thought that he has lost his one donkey.

Question 5: Where did Abu Ali look for his lost donkey?

Answer: Abu Ali looked for his lost donkey everywhere, behind the rock and around the trees.

Question 6: Why did Abu Ali see only eight donkeys?

Answer: Abu Ali saw only eight donkeys because he did not count the donkey he was sitting on.

Question 7: What was the name of Abu Ali’s friend?

Answer: The name of Abu Ali’s friend was Musa.

Question 8: Why did Abu Ali call Musa?

Answer: Abu Ali called Musa to help him count the donkeys.

Question 9: How many monkeys did Musa count?

Answer: Musa counted ten donkeys.

Question 10: Who was the tenth donkey mentioned here?

Answer: The tenth donkey mentioned here was Abu Ali.

Question 11: What did Musa meant when he said that the tenth donkey was sitting on top of ninth donkey?

Answer: Musa meant that Abu himself was a donkey.

Question 12: Did Abu Ali understand his mistake? What was his mistake?

Answer: Yes, Abu Ali understood his mistake. He was not counting the donkey that he rode on.

So, these were Abu Ali Counts His Donkeys Questions & Answers.

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