The Saviour Questions & Answers

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The Saviour Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Saviour – protector
  • Fluttering – waving quickly
  • Chirping – sound produced by birds
  • Swaying – moving
  • Wound – injury
  • Hunted – preying
  • Throne – seat of a king
  • Healing – curing
  • Shuffled – walked without lifting feet

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Prince was walking through the forest – False
(b) Prince Siddhartha took out a thorn from the swan’s body – False
(c) Devdatta was Siddhartha’s cousin – True
(d) King Duryodhana sat on his throne – False
(e) Finally, the swan was given to Prince Siddhartha – True

Question 2: What pleased Siddhartha in the garden?

Answer: Prince Siddhartha was pleased to see the blooming of flowers, butterflies fluttering their wings, the garden trees swaying in cool breeze and birds chirping.

Question 3: Why was Siddhartha moved with pity?

Answer: Siddhartha saw a swan that fell in front of him. Hit by an arrow, it was flapping its wings but was unable to overcome its pain so, it laid still. Siddhartha was moved with pity to see the wounded swan.

Question 4: Who wounded the Swan?

Answer: It was Devdatta, Prince Siddhartha’s cousin who wounded the Swan.

Question 5: What did the swan do when it was brought to the court?

Answer: The swan slowly shuffled towards prince Siddhartha and hid under his seat.

Question 6: What was the judgement of the king?

Answer: The king gave the judgement that, “The saviour has a better claim over the subject than the killer.” Thus, the swan belongs to Siddhartha.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

(a) Who was Devdatta?

i. Cousin of Siddhartha
ii. Son of Siddhartha

(b) Who wounded the swan?

i. Siddhartha
ii. Devdatta

(c) Prince Siddhartha took out______from the swan’s body.

i. An arrow
ii. A thorn

(d) “He ran to the poor creature” who is the poor creature in the sentence?

i. Duck
ii. Swan

(e) Who sat on the throne?

i. Prince Siddhartha
ii. King Shuddhodhana

(f) Finally, the swan was given to

i. Prince Devdatta
ii. Prince Siddhartha

(g) “The saviour has a better claim over the subject than the killer.” Who was the saviour in the story?

i. Prince Siddhartha
ii. Prince Devdatta

So, these were The Saviour Questions & Answers.