Adjectives and Their Types With Examples

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Adjectives and Their Types with examples.

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Adjectives and Their Types With Examples

What Are Adjectives?

The words that describe, modify or tell us something more about a noun or pronoun or a name, place, animal or a thing are called as adjectives.


(a) Nancy lives in a lovely house.
(b) The house is red in colour and have big windows.
(c) My neighborhood bakery sells the best cakes in town.
(d) The chocolate cake was soft and spongy in texture.

  • The above words that are boll and underlined are adjectives.
  • They do not change their form with change in number or gender of nouns.

Adjectives and Their Types With Examples

Kinds of Adjectives:

There are six kinds of adjectives.

  • Adjectives of Quality
  • Adjectives of Quantity
  • Adjectives of Number
  • Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Interrogative Adjectives
  • Possessive Adjectives

1. Adjectives of Quality

  • It denotes the quality, strength, weakness, attributes, peculiarities of a person, thing or object or state of being.
  • It answers the question ‘what kind of’ about a noun or pronoun.

Examples: a kind man, stale food, sincere trader, warm water, tall boy, juicy mangoes, glossy picture, an impressive performance, marvelous book, etc.

Often adjectives derived from proper nouns are adjectives of quality. We can call them Proper Adjectives.

Examples: India – Indian

a) That restaurant is famous for Italian pizzas.
b) These are Bulgarian carpets.

2. Adjectives of Quantity

  • It denotes the quantity of a thing or an idea.
  • It answers the question ‘how much’

Examples: all animals, little progress, some water, more money, full marks, enough food, etc.

3. Adjectives of Number

  • It denotes the number of person or things.
  • It answers the question ‘how many’ or ‘what order’ about a noun.

Adjectives of Number can be further classified as:

i. Definite Numeral Adjective –

Cardinal numbers like one, three, nine, thirty, etc.

Ordinal numbers like first, third, ninth, twenty-first, thirty-sixth, etc.


(a) I have ordered five ice-creams.
(b) The first kid in that row is my son.

ii. Indefinite Numeral Adjective

It answers the question ‘how many’ but does not provide the exact number.


(a) Several shops were gutted in the fire.
(b) None came to help them.
(c) Some people were arrested by the police.

Indefinite numeral adjectives can also be used as adjectives of quantity. When they are used as adjective of quantity, they are followed by singular uncountable nouns.


(a) A little soup spilled out of the bowl.
(b) Please tell me if you want any help.

4. Demonstrative Adjectives

It points out or indicates which person or things are meant.

Examples: this pen, that house, these pencils, those windows, etc.

5. Interrogative Adjectives

These are used before a noun to ask questions or ask for information about the nouns.


(a) Which guitar is yours?
(b) What music is the violinist playing?
(c) Whose bike are you driving?
(d) What dish are you cooking

6. Possessive Adjectives:

  • It expresses possession of a noun or a pronoun by someone or something.
  • It answers the question ‘whose’.
myMy cat is missing.ourOur cat is missing.
yourYour dad went to the store.yourYour dad went to the store.
hisI used his pencil.theirI used their pencils.
herSheela went to wash her plate.theirSheela went to wash their plates.
itsThe dog wants to play with its toy.theirThe dogs want to play with their toy.

So, this was all about Adjectives and Their Types With Examples.

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