Adventure in a Banyan Tree Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Adventure in a Banyan Tree Questions & Answers.

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Adventure in a Banyan Tree Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. How did Grandmother tease Grandfather

(a) Grandfather was sixty-five and too old to climb trees so he should stop climbing the banyan tree.
(b) Grandfather, like the Countess of Desmond would be climbing trees when he was 117.
(c) Grandfather shouldn’t give up climbing trees but should continue like the Countess of Desmond, who was climbing trees till the age of 117.
(d) If Grandfather continued to climb trees, one day he would fall off the tree and die like the Countess of Desmond.

2. The squirrel was soon delving into my pockets and helping himself to whatever he could find. This showed that the squirrel

(a) recognized the boy.
(b) feared the boy.
(c) trusted the boy.
(d) cared for the boy.

3. Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn, The Mowgli stories, and the Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Louisa May Alcott made up my bag of very mixed reading. The phrase bag of very mixed reading means

(a) the novels were not arranged properly on the platform.
(b) the novels were kept mixed up in a bag.
(c) the novels covered a range of different genre and writers.
(d) the novels evoked a mixed reaction in the boy.

4. The mongoose could kill the snake because

(a) the mongoose was swifter than the snake.
(b) the crow and the myna also attacked the snake.
(c) the mongoose was bigger and stronger than the snake.
(d) the snake was not as experienced as the mongoose.

5. The cobra emerged that afternoon because

(a) it had seen the mongoose and wanted to fight it.
(b) it was hot and he wanted to find a cooler place.
(c) it was disturbed by the noise made by the crow and the myna.
(d) it had seen the speaker and wanted to attack him.

Question 2: How old do you think the narrator is? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The narrator is a young boy who loved climbing trees, enjoyed the company of birds and animals and reading stories popular amongst children.

Question 3: Why does the narrator refer to the old banyan tree as his, and not his grandfather’s domain?

Answer: The narrator was free to do whatever he wanted on the banyan tree while the rest of the house was in his grandfather’s control.

Question 4: Why was spring an exciting season for the boy?

Answer: In the spring season, the tree was laden with small, red figs. The narrator was excited to see different birds and animals visiting the banyan tree.

Question 5: How did the crow land itself in trouble?

Answer: The crow tried to dive at the cobra but was struck by him with great force. This proved fatal for the crow.

Question 6: Why did Grandfather not wish to tame the mongoose?

Answer: Grandfather never tamed the mongoose because a wild mongoose is better than a domesticated one for keeping snakes away.

Question 7: Why was the squirrel looking to make a nest?

Answer: The squirrel was looking to make a nest as it was expecting babies.

So, these were Adventure in a Banyan Tree Questions & Answers.

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