The Story of the Amulet Questions & Answers

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The Story of the Amulet Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Anthea, her brothers, and her little sister were sitting on the grass in Regent’s Park under trees whose leaves were dusty, yellowish, and brown at the edges. This shows London was

(a) cloudy and windy.
(c) wet and raining.
(b) cold and snowing.
(d) hot and dusty.

2. The amulet would provide the children

(a) great powers to rescue their parents and baby brother.
(b) a portal to travel in time and escape their enemies.
(c) powerful weapons to defeat the enemies of their father.
(d) an opportunity to travel in the past and teach people modern stuff.

3. Which of the children is timid and scared?

(a) Robert
(b) Anthea
(c) Cyril
(d) Jane

4. __________ is clear-headed and often thinks of solutions to their problems.

(a) Anthea
(b) Cyril
(c) Jane
(d) Robert

5. What lesson did the children learn from their travel to the past?

(a) They realized the importance of fishing and making objects of stone.
(b) They learnt about a civilization’s progress with time.
(c) They learnt about hut making, fishing with reed equipment and stone ornaments.
(d) They realized the importance of making friends across different countries.

Question 2: Why did Jane have to go last through the portal? Why did she not want to be the last? How did Anthea reassure her?

Answer: Jane was the youngest so she was the last to go through the portal. She was afraid of being left behind. Anthea assured her by saying that she would carry the Psammead with her.

Question 3: Where did the children find themselves? How did they realize where they were?

Answer: The children found themselves in Egypt. They realized it when Psammead pointed that the river in front of them was Nile.

Question 4: How did Anthea make friends with the Egyptian girl?

Answer: Anthea offered the girl her bangle to assure her that they were friends and would not hurt her.

Question 5: The people of Egypt wore ornaments that were carved. What made this remarkable?

Answer: The remarkable ornaments were made of flint carved by men with special skills.

Question 6: Anthea displays maturity and problem-solving ability more than her elder brother. Justify this statement.

Answer: Anthea showed leadership and decision-making skills and the ability to reach out to people.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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