My Mother Saw A Dancing Bear Questions & Answers

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Written by Charles Causley, this poem tells about a dancing bear who entertains children and makes them happy but, on the other side, the bear lacks inner happiness. The poet, through this poem, tells us that a bear loves nothing more than the green forests, snow-capped mountains and clear streams. He tells us that one must not laugh at the cost of his sufferings.

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My Mother Saw A Dancing Bear Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the keeper have in his hand?

Answer: The keeper had a chain, a bar and a whistle-pipe.

Question 2: Why do you think the bear’s feet were dusty?

Answer: The keeper may be taking the bear along the dusty path of different places. The bear moved on the streets of a town or city and performed tricks. It did not live in a forest.

Question 3: What tricks did the bear perform?

Answer: The bear lifted up its dusty feet, it marched, halted and did somersaults.

Question 4: Why did the children laugh?

Answer: Children laughed to see the bear caper in the summer heat. They found the tricks shown by the bear amusing.

Question 5: What kind of day was it when the bear performed?

Answer: lt was a sunny day in June.

Question 6: Why do you think the bear had a ‘burning coat of fur’?


(a) It was of a colour that looked like fire.
(b) It was a hot day and the bear’s coat had become very hot.
(c) The bear had temperature.

Question 7: What does the poet mean by saying ‘Shaming the laughter to a stop.’?


(a) The children stopped laughing because the bear had stopped performing.
(b) The children were tired so they stopped laughing.
(c) The children suddenly felt ashamed and stopped laughing.

Question 8: Write the words that describe the bear.

Answer: Dancing, dusty, burning coat, sad, aching eyes, roly-poly.

Question 9: What does ‘aching eyes’ mean?


(a) eyes that show unhappiness
(b) eyes that hurt
(c) eyes that are very weak

Question 10: Why does the poet write about ‘Far-distant forests, and the snow, in the bruin’s aching eyes?

Answer: The bear likes to live in its natural habitat, forests and snow-clad mountains. Now, it is a captive and exploited by the keeper for his living. It is not happy and comfortable in the new place.

Question 11: Do you think animals have feelings? What makes you think so?

Answer: Animals enjoy living in their habitats and like to be free. Animals express happiness and joy when they are in the company of other animals of their kind. They also have feelings because they respond positively to a gesture of love and kindness. They show anger when hurt or disturbed. The bear’s eyes also expressed his sorrow.

Question 12: Find words from the poem that mean the same as those given below:


  • Plump – roly-poly
  • Leap – caper
  • Very hot – burning
  • Shout loudly – cried
  • Full of dust – dusty
  • Stop – hault
  • Performance – show
  • A piece of music – tune

So, these were My Mother Saw A Dancing Bear Questions & Answers.

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