Amazing Ants Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Amazing Ants Questions & Answers.

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Amazing Ants Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who were walking in a line?

Answer: Tut, Phut, Chit and Pit were walking in a line.

Question 2: Who was watching them?

Answer: Maria was watching them.

Question 3: What did Maria do to stop the ants?

Answer: Maria put her hand before the first ant to stop the ants.

Question 4: What did Maria give Tut?

Answer: Maria gave Tut some sugar.

Question 5: What do the worker ants do?

Answer: The worker ants build and repair the colony.

Question 6: What do the cook ants do?

Answer: The cook ants get food for all the other ants in the colony.

Question 7: What do the soldier ants do?

Answer: The soldier ants guard the colony.

Question 8: Who said this?

1. We have lots of work to do – Phut
2. We build and repair our colony – Phut
3. We look otter the eggs and the sick ants – Chit
4. We guard the colony – Pit

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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