Amin and The Ghul Questions & Answers

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Amin and The Ghul Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was Amin when he met the Ghul and why was it not possible for him to hide?

Answer: Amin was walking across a stony plain when he saw the Ghul. It was not possible for him to hide because there was nothing in sight to hide behind.

Question 2: What is a Ghul and what does one look like?

Answer: A Ghul is an evil, man-eating demon who is tall as a tree with arms that are thick as that of a tree trunk.

Question 3: What was the first trick that Amin played on the Ghul?

Answer: Amin tricked the Ghul by asking him to squeeze out water from a stone as a proof of his strength. When the Ghul failed he broke the egg in his hand and tricked the Ghul into believing that he had squeezed water out of the stone.

Question 4: Read this line and then answer the questions:

1. To make quite sure that he would hear no more of Amin, the Ghul did this seven times and then, well pleased, he went back to his own bed.

(a) What did the Ghul do seven times?

Answer: Amin hit the rice bag under the bedcover of Amin’s bed with a walking stick as big as tree trunk.

(b) What was Amin doing at this time?

Answer: Amin was hiding in the cave during this time.

(c) Why did the Ghul do this?

Answer: The Ghul did this because he was scared of Amin’s strengths and wanted to get rid of him.

2. Amin did not want to go with the Ghul, but he had to accept his invitation.

(a) What did the Ghul invite Amin to do?

Answer: The Ghul invited Amin to spend the night at his cave where they could have supper together and then try their strengths again the next day.

(b) Why do you think he did not want to go?

Answer: Amin did not want to go because he was afraid that the Ghul could harm him.

(c) Where did Amin go and why would it be hard for him to leave?

Answer: Amin went to the Ghul’s cave at night and it would be hard for him to leave because he did not know where to go and it was dark outside.

So, these were Amin and The Ghul Questions & Answers.

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