Anansi and the Turtle Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Anansi and the Turtle Questions & Answers.

This story provides another classic African folktale about the greedy spider Anansi. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of The Incompetent Genie and A Lost Button so, you can check these posts as well.

Anansi and the Turtle Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Consume – eat
  • Custom – habit
  • Utmost – absolute
  • Irritated – annoyed
  • Greedy – always wanting more
  • Sumptuous – delicious and rich
  • Spread – (here) food
  • Determined – made up his mind
  • Spared – (here) left over
  • Belly flop – to land on the stomach
  • Pebbles – small stones
  • Dig into – (here) begin eating
  • Morsel – a small portion of food
  • Measure – method
  • Rushing up – floating up
  • Humiliated – insulted
  • Impressed – (here) very happy

Question 1: Who was Anansi?

Answer: Anansi was a spider.

Question 2: What bad habits did Anansi have?

Answer: Anansi had a bad habit of not sharing things with others.

Question 3: What happened just as Anansi was about to eat his food?

Answer: When Anansi was about to start his meal he heard a knock at the door.

Question 4: Who was there at the door and what did he ask for?

Answer: It was turtle who had been travelling for a very long time and looked very tired and hungry. He asked if he could stay for lunch.

Question 5: Why couldn’t Anansi refuse the turtle?

Answer: Anansi could not refuse the turtle because it was a custom in the country to share food with visitors who came during lunch or dinner hours.

Anansi and the Turtle Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read the statement and answer the questions:

“Oh, I have cooked some yams for lunch…..”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Anansi said these words to the turtle.

(b) How was the speaker feeling when she/he said these words?

Answer: Anansi (the speaker) was not willing to share his lunch.

Question 7: What instructions did Anansi give to the turtle while sitting for the lunch?

Answer: Anansi instructed the turtle to wash his hands before eating.

Question 8: Read the statements and answer the questions:

“Thank you for the lovely lunch. I would like to invite you over to my place for a meal someday.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Turtle said these words to Anansi.

(b) Was the speaker really thankful to the listener?

Answer: No, the speaker was not at all thankful to the listener.

Question 9: Why did Anansi keep floating in the water?

Answer: Anansi was too light and could not swim deep into the water. So, he kept floating.

Question 10: What plan did Anansi make to reach the turtle’s house?

Answer: Anansi decided to pick up some rocks and put them in the pockets of his jacket. His plan was successful and this time he reached straight to the turtle’s house after diving underwater.

Anansi and the Turtle Questions & Answers

Question 11: What instructions did the turtle give to Anansi while sitting for dinner?

Answer: The turtle instructed Anansi to remove his jacket before touching the food.

Question 12: What happened when Anansi removed his jacket?

Answer: When Anansi removed his jacket which was full of rocks, within no time he went rushing up to the surface of the water.

Question 13: What lesson does this story teach us?

Answer: This story teaches us the lesson of being fair when treating others.

Question 14: Write the moral of the story.

Answer: The moral of the story is -When you try to outsmart someone, you may find that you are the one outsmarted.

Question 15: Put the events of the story in correct order:

…6…The turtle teaches Anansi a lesson.

…3…Anansi keeps sending turtle away

…2…The turtle visits Anansi at meal time.

…1…Anansi prepares a delicious meal.

…5…The turtle invites Anansi.

…4…Anansi eats all the yam.

So, these were Anansi and the Turtle Questions & Answers.

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