Are You a vegetarian Questions & Answers

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Are You a vegetarian Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option to complete the sentences:

1. A vegetarian is a person who_______

(a) doesn’t kill animals.
(b) doesn’t eat meat or fish.

2. Most Jains are vegetarians because of their_______

(a) religious beliefs.
(b) ecological beliefs.

3. Comparatively, less land is taken up in_______

(a) the raising of livestock.
(b) the growing of vegetables.

4. In rich countries, there are_______

(a) more vegetarians than non-vegetarians.
(b) more non-vegetarians than vegetarians.

5. To grow one kilogram of grain, we need_______

(a) about 1000 litres of water.
(b) about 7000 litres of water.

Question 2: What is the ecological reason that favours vegetarianism?

Answer: The growing of vegetables takes up much less land than the raising of livestock. Thus, vegetarianism helps to preserve our ecological system.

Question 3: What is the modern medical advice with regard to vegetarianism?

Answer: Medical men favour vegetarianism because vegetables are rich in fibre and keep digestion in good order.

Question 4: What kind of food do medical men advise us to cut down on?

Answer: The medical men advise us to cut down on fat, salt and sugar.

Question 5: How has the growing consumption of meat been a cause of deforestation?

Answer: For the purpose of raising livestock, more and more forest land is being cleared. Naturally, the growing consumption of meat has become the biggest cause of deforestation.

Question 6: How has the increasing demand for meat caused the shortage of water?

Answer: To produce 1 kilogram of animal meat, we need 7 kilograms of grain which needs 7,000 litres of water to grow. Thus, the increasing demand for meat has caused the shortage of water.

Question 7: How does the raising of livestock cause pollution?

Answer: Livestock produce far more sewage as compared to human beings. Since the demand for meat has increased, people are raising more and more of livestock. This has become the cause of pollution.

Question 8: How can the consumption of too much meat affect our health?

Answer: Too much consumption of meat can lead to a number of health problems. It can cause increased obesity, heart disease and various forms of cancer.

Question 9: How can you say that vegetarian food is not short of protein?

Answer: Plenty of proteins can be obtained from such articles as peas, beans, nuts, seeds, pulses, cereals, soya and milk products. Therefore, it is wrong to say that vegetarian food is short of protein.

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