At the Railway Station Upway Questions & Answers

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At the Railway Station Upway Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Upway – a small town in the south of England
  • Pitying – feeling sorrow for
  • ‘tis – it is
  • Tone – sound
  • Handcuffs – a pair of lockable linked metal rings put round a prisoner’s wrists
  • Constable – police officer
  • Twang – a strong ringing sound made by plucking a string on a stringed instrument
  • Grimful – seriously, gloomily, harshly
  • Glee – great delight
  • Unconscious – unaware
  • Convict – prisoner

Question 1: Where are the characters? What are they waiting for?

Answer: The characters are in a railway station. They are waiting for the train to arrive.

Question 2: How many characters are there in the poem?

Answer: There are three characters in the poem.

Question 3: Why does the boy play his violin?

Answer: The boy plays his violin because he felt sorry for the prisoner and wanted to cheer him up with his music.

Question 4: Which line tells us that the constable ignores the singing and music?

Answer: The fourth and the third last lines tell us that the constable ignores the singing and the music. We understand this from the fact that he did not participate in it and also did not talk to either the boy or the prisoner. The young boy and the prisoner speak.

Question 5: Read this line and then answer the questions:

With grimful glee.

(a) Why might the convict be grim?

Answer: The convict might be grim because he is going to be imprisoned in some time and he would miss being a free individual.

(b) What has delighted him?

Answer: The cheerful music of the boy playing the violin delighted him.

(c) What does he do next?

Answer: The convict joins the boy and breaks into a song.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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