Big Dreams Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Big Dreams Questions & Answers.

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Big Dreams Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Ravi was studying in class 9th when he first met Zafar.
(b) Ravi polished shoes in the evening.
(c) Ravi wanted to work hard and help other people like him.
(d) Zafar was proud of Ravi because he became an IAS officer.
(e) Ravi achieved his goal through determination and hard work.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Ravi used to take the money from Zafar – True
(b) Zafar gave his daughter’s old books to Ravi – True
(c) Zafar gave fruits to Ravi – False
(d) Zafar moved to another city and lost touch with Ravi – True
(e) Ravi did his M.Sc in Physics – False

Question 3: Why was Zafar impressed by Ravi?

Answer: Zafar was impressed by Ravi because Ravi went to school in the morning and polished shoes in the evening to pay for his studies. Mr Zafar thought Ravi was a hard-working boy.

Question 4: Why did Zafar bring a newspaper for Ravi every day?

Answer: Zafar brought a newspaper for Ravi every day so that he could stay well informed about the world.

Question 5: What did the Assistant Commissioner tell Zafar when they met?

Answer: When Assistant Commissioner Ravi Kumar met Mr Zafar after many years, Ravi told him that he had remembered his words pf encouragement and continued with his studies. He completed M.Sc Mathematics and cleared IAS exam.

Question 6: How did Zafar react when he heard about Ravi’s achievement?

Answer: Mr Zafar felt very happy and proud to hear about Ravi’s achievement. He was eager to know how Ravi achieved his goal.

Question 7: How would you describe Zafar and Ravi? Write two sentences about each.


Zafar – Mr Zafar was a kind-hearted man who wanted to help Ravi. He was genuinely proud of Ravi’s achievement.

Ravi – Ravi was a very hard-working young boy who refused to take charity from anyone. He was ambitious and willing to work towards achieving his dreams.

So, these were Big Dreams Questions & Answers.

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