Bonku Babu’s Friend Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Bonku Babu’s Friend Questions & Answers.

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Bonku Babu’s Friend Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer.

1. Bonku Babu almost jumped up because

(a) he could not hear the voice clearly.
(b) he could not understand who was talking and what was being said.
(c) he was frightened of the strange creature in front of him.

2. Though Bonku Babu could run away, he didn’t because

(a) he wanted to know who or what was the cause of the strange happenings in the grove.
(b) he was too tired.
(c) his legs and hands were tied.

3. The creature realized he was not on Pluto because

(a) Bonku Babu did not reply to the strange language he spoke.
(b) the plants looked different.
(c) there were no animals there.

4. Bonku Babu felt very uncomfortable when

(a) the creature examined him by pressing his arms and legs with his fingers.
(b) the creature tried to poke him.
(c) the creature spoke to him.

5. The creature told Bonku Babu that his fault was that

(a) he allowed people to hurt and insult him.
(b) he did not speak up against bribery.
(c) he did not have a bath every day.

6. Ang left in his spaceship because

(a) he had to go to the planet Pluto.
(b) he was frightened of Bonku Babu.
(c) Bonku Babu told him to go away.

Question 2: Who was Ang?

Answer: Ang was an alien from the planet Craneus.

Question 3: How did Ang come to Earth?

Answer: Ang was going to Pluto in his spaceship. But his instruments malfunctioned and he had to land on Earth.

Question 4: What did he tell Bonku Babu about his planet and about himself?

Answer: Ang told Bonku Babu that he was from the planet Craneus and that he was a far superior creature than man. He knew 14,000 languages and had been to twenty-five planets outside the solar system.

Question 5: Why was Poncha Ghosh so excited at the Sunday meeting?

Answer: Poncha Ghosh was excited at the Sunday meeting as he was telling everyone about his bamboo grove, where all the bamboos around the pond had shed their leaves.

Question 6: What was the first thing that Bonku Babu did on entering Sripati Babu’s house?

Answer: Bonku Babu burst into a guffaw and laughed loudly for a whole minute as soon as he entered Sripati Babu’s house.

Question 7: Bonku Babu had something to say to the people in Sripati Babu’s house. Write against each of their names what he told them.


(a) Chandi Babu: At your age, hiding other people’s shoes and umbrellas is not just childish, but totally wrong. Kindly bring my umbrella and brown canvas shoes to my house tomorrow.

(b) Nidhu Babu: If you call me Bunkum, I will call you Nitwit and you must learn to live with that.

(c) Sripati Babu: You are an important man and must have hangers-on, but please count me out from today.

(d) Poncha Babu: You are here as well! Let me inform you that last night, an Ang arrived from the planet Craneus and landed on the pond in your bamboo grove. We had a long chat. The Ang was most amiable.

Question 8: Ang has been described as a strange creature, very different from humans. Complete the following table with details of his appearance.


headlike a plain smooth ball
eyesround and bright yellow, glowing in the dark
earstiny holes
nosetwo holes
moutha gaping hole
arms and legsamazingly thin
hairno hair
bodycovered by a shiny pink outfit

So, these were Bonku Babu’s Friend Questions & Answers.

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