The Baker’s Dozen Questions & Answers

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The Baker’s Dozen Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the most appropriate answer:

1. We know that the baker was honest because

(a) he lived in Albany.
(b) he took great care to give his customers exactly what they paid for.
(c) he smiled at them.

2. People trusted Van Amsterdam, so

(a) his shop was always full of people.
(b) he was very happy.
(c) he became short tempered.

3. His shop was the busiest on December 6 because

(a) it was St Nicholas Day.
(b) he made fine St Nicholas cookies which people bought to celebrate the day.
(c) he made fine cookies.
(All three options are correct)

4. The old woman came to the baker’s shop to

(a) buy some cookies.
(b) to sell some cookies.
(c) to spend some time with the baker.

5. The woman called the baker tight-fisted and small-hearted because

(a) the baker gave her an extra cookie.
(b) the baker gave her no cookies.
(c) the baker refused to give her an extra cookie.

6. The baker grew poor because

(a) no one came to buy his cookies.
(b) his cookies were not cooked well.
(c) he had fought with the old woman.

7. The dream that the baker saw was strange because

(a) he saw St Nicholas.
(b) he saw St Nicholas giving gifts to children.
(c) he saw that though St Nicholas kept pulling out one gift after another, the bag kept filling up with more and more gifts.

Question 2: Describe the cookies that Van Amsterdam made on St Nicholas Day.

Answer: Van Amsterdam’s Saint Nicholas cookies were made of gingerbread, iced in red and white, and they looked like Saint Nicholas.

Question 3: Why did Van Amsterdam get annoyed with the old woman when she came the first time?

Answer: Van Amsterdam was annoyed with the old woman because she wanted an extra cookie with the dozen she bought.

Question 4: How did Van Amsterdam suffer for one year? Why did he have to suffer so much?

Answer: Van Amsterdam was not able to make his cookies anymore. He lost all his customers, and he grew poor. He had to suffer so much because he refused an extra cookie to the old woman.

Question 5: What does a Baker’s dozen mean?

Answer: ‘A baker’s dozen’ means ‘thirteen’.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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