Bonku Babu Questions & Answers

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Bonku Babu Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer.

1. We know that Bonku Babu was a mild-mannered man because

(a) he never laughed.
(b) he never reacted even when the students teased him.
(c) he was afraid of the aliens.

2. Sripati Majumdar liked inviting people to his house because

(a) he liked feeding them.
(b) he could talk to them.
(c) it made him feel important.

3. Chandi Babu was not interested to talk about rockets because

(a) he had not seen them take off.
(b) he was afraid of them.
(c) he would get burnt if he went near them.

4. Nidhu Babu, Chandi Babu and others laughed at Bonku Babu because

(a) he was so quiet.
(b) they thought he was stupid.
(c) he wanted to know what would happen if aliens landed on earth.

5. Bonku Babu left Sripati Majumdar’s house early because

(a) he was tired of being made fun of.
(b) he wanted to rest at home.
(c) he wanted to meet the alien.

6. The pink light shining all around in the bamboo grove was coming from

(a) a giant football in the field.
(b) a bowl of water with coloured fish in it.
(c) an upturned giant glass bowl.

Question 2: Why did everyone tease Bonku Babu?

Answer: Bonku Babu was a man of timid nature and people thought he was stupid. So, everyone teased him.

Question 3: Whose house did he go to on weekends?

Answer: On weekends, Bonku Babu went to the lawyer Sripati Majumdar’s house.

Question 4: How was he usually treated by Sripati Majumdar and his friends?

Answer: Sripati Majumdar and his friends poked fun at Bonku Babu. They sometimes hid his shoes or umbrella, or forced him to sing.

Question 5: What did Bonku Babu see in the bamboo grove?

Answer: In the bamboo grove, Bonku Babu saw a glowing object like a giant glass bowl turned upside down.

Question 6: Why did he feel there was something strange about the night?

Answer: Bonku Babu felt that there was something strange about that night because he did not hear any of the sounds that he normally heard at night, like the sound of crickets and other insects buzzing around.

Question 7: What happened after the humming sound stopped?

Answer: After the humming stopped, Bonku Babu heard a loud voice speaking in a strange language.

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