Bro Tiger Goes Dead Questions & Answers

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Bro Tiger Goes Dead Questions & Answers

Question 1: Bro tiger lies down in his bed, all still and stiff. What is he pretending to be? Why does he want to put on this act?

Answer: He is pretending to be dead because he knows that Anancy will want to see him closely, believing him to be dead, at which point Tiger will grab him and kill him.

Question 2: Why does tiger get his wife to make so much noise? What four words does the writer use to describe the noise Mrs Tiger makes?

Answer: Tiger get his wife to make a lot of noise because he wants her to convince everybody that her husband Tiger is dead. The writer uses the words ‘bawl’, ‘cry’, ‘wail’ and ‘holler’ to describe the sound Mrs Tiger makes.

Question 3: When Mrs Tiger makes a lot of noise, everyone in the village except Anancy turns up at tiger’s house? True or False?

Answer: True

Question 4: What does Anancy do that shows he is very clever?

Answer: He uses Tiger’s pride against him, and tricks him into revealing the truth. He says that no good man can die without shuddering and crying out. He says the Tiger is foolish for not crying before dying.

Question 5: What does tiger do that shows he is very stupid?

Answer: The Tiger allows Anancy to use his pride against him and is tricked into revealing the truth. He roars loudly, thus revealing that he isn’t dead.

Question 6: When the trick is discovered how do the villagers feel about tiger?

Answer: The villagers feel angry and indignant at Tiger’s treachery.

Question 7: Do you think Bro tiger will give up trying to trap and hurt Anancy?

Answer: Yes, I think Bro tiger may stop trying to look for ways to trap and harm Anancy as his actions have upset all the villagers and he knows that they don’t look upon him favourably anymore.

Question 8: Tiger wants to ‘crack up Anancy’s bones….collar him up…and finish him? What does this tell you about his mood? Why do you think he hates Anancy so much?

Answer: This tell us that he is angry and looking for revenge. According to me, Anancy had obviously done something that made Tiger very angry.

So, these were Bro Tiger Goes Dead Questions & Answers.

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