The Choice Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by Robert Morgan. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Bro Tiger Goes Dead, A Tragic Story and Barter so, you can check these posts as well.

The Choice Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Thrust – the force produced by an engine to push a plane forward
  • Magnetism – having a quality that attracts things
  • Hovered – stayed in the air in one place
  • Stared – looked
  • Crumbling – breaking
  • Patterned – decorated in pattern
  • Meteorite – a piece of rock floating in outer space
  • Muttered – spoke slowly

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The poem is about

i. an alien invasion
ii. inventions and innovations
iii. preserving resources
iv. all of the above

(b) Starglyn and Suncon

i. were scientists who invented the spacecraft.
ii. aliens who came to study the Earth’s crust
iii. conquerors to conquer earth
iv. residents of the crumbling city

(c) The tone of the poem is

i. happy
ii. satirical
iii. instructional
iv. cautionary

Question 2: Where did the spacecraft land?

Answer: The spacecraft landed on a meadow grass near a crumbling city between two hills.

Question 3: Why were the aliens there?

Answer: Aliens were there to study the earth.

Question 4: Why was the earth without any human trace?

Answer: The earth was without any human trace because humans destroyed their own race by their harmful activities.

Question 5: Who were landing on earth and where were they coming from?

Answer: Suncon, the Celestial Geologist and his captain, Starglyn were landing on earth. They were probably coming from station Z or from another planet. They were landing on Earth probably to confirm their findings that human life on earth had become extinct.

Question 6: The great ship refers to Starglyn’s spacecraft/helicopter. (Strike off the wrong answer).

Answer: The wrong answer is helicopter.

Question 7: Starglyn thinks that the people of Earth were aggressive because……….

Answer: The world had been destroyed.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
They were allowed to choose.

(a) Who is ‘they’ here?

Answer: ‘They’ refer to humans.

(b) What was the choice that ‘they’ made?

Answer: They chose evil over good.

(c) What was the consequence of the choice?

Answer: As a result of the choice, the humans destroyed their whole race.

Question 9: How did the researchers learn about the state of the Earth?

Answer: The researchers learnt about the state of the earth from the great meteorite which broke from earth in 2048 A.D. it had been analysed by the researchers in their station Z.

Question 10: They were allowed to choose. What is ‘the choice’ being described here?

Answer: ‘The Choice’ being described here is the choice between good and evil. Humans were allowed to choose between good and evil but they chose evil which led to their own destruction.

Question 11: How did they know they had landed in a deserted city? Which two words suggest that the city was in ruins?

Answer: They knew that they had landed in a deserted city because all they could see was a green landscape between two hills. Also, the dials on their machine indicated no presence of human life. The words ‘crumbling’ and ‘overgrown’ suggest that the city was in ruins.

Question 12: Do you think this poem talks of a time before 2048 AD or after it? How do you know?

Answer: This poem talks of a time after 2048 AD. Suncon, the Celestial Geologist, tells Starglyn that the great meteorite which broke from Earth in 2048 AD was taken to station Z and examined. This shows that the poem talks of a time after it.

Question 13: Why were there no people in the city? What do you think had happened to them?

Answer: There were no people in the city because the city had been destroyed and human life on Earth became extinct. This could have happened due to wars or because of the environmental destruction caused by man.

Question 14: Is there anything unusual about the name of the captain and the geologist?

Answer: Yes, their names, Starglyn and Suncon, are unusual because they do not belong to planet Earth. They sound astronomical and extra-terrestrial.

So, these were The Choice Questions & Answers.

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