The Restored Arm Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Restored Arm Questions & Answers.

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The Restored Arm Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) When Jakanachari was working, he would not allow even the king to disturb him – False
(b) The king hoped the temple would be ready by the following full moon – True
(c) The young man told Jakanachari that he knew sculpting – True
(d) The young man felt that Jakanachari was using the wrong stone to make the image – True
(e) Jakanachari was not upset when the young man pointed out that there was a flaw in the stone he was using – False

(f) On the young man’s instruction, Jakanachari smeared sandal paste on the idol from head to toe – True
(g) The young man proved that there was a flaw in the stone Jakanachari was using – True
(h) The young man’s name was Krishna Deva – False
(i) After returning to Kridapura, Jakanachari never ever took to sculpting again – False
(j) All the temples that Jakanachari built still remain – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) ‘Go away’, said the sculpter. He said this to

i. the king
ii. the stranger
iii. the villagers

(b) ‘I do not need your certificate.’ This means that

i. Jakanachari didn’t require the young man’s praise.
ii. Jakanachari didn’t require a document saying that he was a good sculptor.
iii. Jakanachari didn’t require a certificate saying he had passed a course in sculpture.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
‘Oh, will no one drag this man away! His words are inauspicious.’

(a) Who says these words, and to whom?

Answer: The sculptor says these words to the stranger.

(b) Who is he talking about?

Answer: He (sculptor) was talking about a wandered man who was pointing a flaw in the main stone out of which Jakanachari was making Kesava’s idol.

(c) Why does he think that the other man’s words are ‘inauspicious’?

Answer: He (sculptor) thinks that the stranger is an upstart and knows nothing about stones.

Question 4: Do you think the title of the story is apt?

Answer: Yes, I believe that the title of the story is apt. The sculptor, Jakanachari, is too proud of his work but a young stranger shows him a flaw in it and the sculptor’s challenge is lost. Though he vows that he will never work with his hands again, the sculptor receives a divine intervention and goes on to sculpt another set of marvellous temples. That’s when his arm is restored.

Question 5: Who do you think was the better sculptor: Jakanachari or his son?

Answer: According to me, Jakanachari was better. Though he was arrogant about his skill however, he had years of experience on his side and had crafted some masterpieces.

So, these were The Restored Arm Questions & Answers.

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