Catch That Cat Questions & Answers

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Catch That Cat Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Barged into – to enter forcefully
  • Streak – a band of colour
  • Wailed – to cry
  • Cuddling up – to sit close
  • Leapt – to jump up

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Meemo barged into Dip Dip’s room because _______________.

i. she wanted to fight
ii. she was worried and wanted help
iii. she was excited and wanted to talk

(b) Dip Dip asked Meemo not to worry and said she would look for Kaapi. This shows________________.

i. she was a helpful girl
ii. she was looking for an excuse to miss school
iii. she was looking for adventure

(c) Dip Dip opened her lunch box because___________________.

i. she was fed up of searching for the cat
ii. she was curious to see what was there in the tiffin box
iii. she was tired and hungry

(d) Fish curry was used to tempt Kaapi. This shows________________.

i. Dip Dip was an intelligent girl
ii. Dip Dip was looking for a way to get rid of the fish
iii. Dip Dip loved sharing her food

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Dip Dip was a coward – False
(b) Meemo brought Kaapi and Dip Dip down from the tree – False
(c) Kaapi sat on the tree and licked himself clean – True
(d) The woman washing clothes pointed out where Kaapi was – False
(e) Dip Dip went off in her school bus when her brother had wheeled her to the bus stop – False

Question 3: Who barged into Dip Dip’s room?

Answer: Memo, Dip Dip’s little friend barged into her room.

Question 4: Who was lost and who went looking for it?

Answer: Meemo’s cat, Kappi was lost and Dip Dip went looking for Kappi.

Question 5: Which were the places where Dip Dip looked for Kaapi before she went up the hill?

Answer: Dip Dip looked for Kaapi behind the houses, inside the dustbins and under the bushes. She also asked some people who were digging the road, an old man who was drinking tea in a teashop and a woman hanging clothes to dry.

Question 6: While searching for Kaapi, how and where did Dip Dip first see him?

Answer: While searching for Kaapi, Dip Dip first saw him as a brown streak disappearing down the street.

Question 7: Who was the person who pointed out Kaapi and what was the person doing?

Answer: A woman who was hanging clothes out to dry, pointed out Kaapi.

Question 8: What got Kaapi interested in coming down from the tree?

Answer: Kaapi got interested in coming down from the tree by seeing the fish in Dip Dip’s tiffin box.

Question 9: What did Dip Dip do to help Kaapi who was too frightened to climb down?

Answer: Dip Dip wheeled herself close to a branch of the tree that was hanging low. Then, she pulled herself up to that branch to climb up the tree which helped Kaapi slide down slowly and cuddle up to her.

Question 10: Answer in one word:

(a) A circular object used to push a vehicle – Wheel
(b) To breathe with quick short breaths – Panting
(c) To move or run quickly – Darted
(d) To move something with a sudden quick movement – Flicked
(e) To move smoothly over a surface – Slide

So, these were Catch That Cat Questions & Answers.

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