Celebrating Earth Day Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Celebrating Earth Day Questions & Answers.

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Celebrating Earth Day Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Celebrating – mark an important occasion by doing something special
  • Hall – a big room for meeting, concerts etc.
  • Competition – an event or contest in which people compete
  • Proud – feeling pleased or satisfied by your own or another’s achievements
  • Homeless – without a place to live
  • Instead – in place of
  • Aluminium – a light weight silvery, grey metal
  • Prevent – stop something from happening
  • Energy – power obtained from resources to provide light and heat
  • Pollution – the presence in the soil, air or water of a substance with harmful effects
  • Wisely – way of using things skillfully
  • Whether – choice between the alternatives

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Miss Karnik told the class about__________

i. Mother’s Day
ii. Environment Day
iii. Earth Day

(b) The children would have a__________

i. fancy dress competition
ii. poetry recitation competition
iii. picnic

(c) Shabnam Khan talked about__________

i. saving tigers
ii. saving electricity
iii. recycling

(d) If we recycle newspapers, each family can save__________

i. two trees every year
ii. one apple every day
iii. ten trees every day

(e) We must not__________water.

i. drink
ii. eat or fry
iii. pollute or waste

Question 2: How did children celebrate Earth Day?

Answer: The children celebrated Earth Day by taking part in a fancy-dress competition in school.

Question 3: What did each child dress up as? Make a list.

Answer: The children dressed up as follows:
i) Arvind Gopalan as a bus
ii) Shabnam Khan as a bulb
iii) Gopal Sinha as a garbage bin
iv) Teresa Lewis as a tiger
v) Binita Tuki as a tree
vi) Jamshed Nariman as water.

Question 4: Where was the programme held? Who watched the programme?

Answer: The programme was held in the hall and was watched by both parents and teachers.

Question 5: Whose message did you like the best? Why?

Answer: I like Gopal Sinha’s message the best because he tells us how waste can be recycled.

Question 6: Make a list of five things you can recycle.

Answer: Five things we can recycle are:
i) Aluminium cans
ii) Newspaper
iii) Plastic bottles
iv) Tin cans
v) Glass container

Question 7: Discuss and write two things we can do to save tigers.

Answer: Two things we can do to save tigers are:
i) We can plant more trees so that there remains plenty of forest land for the tigers.
ii) We can spread the message to stop the hunting of tigers.

So, these were Celebrating Earth Day Questions & Answers.

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