Gita’s Breakfast Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Gita’s Breakfast Questions & Answers.

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Gita’s Breakfast Questions & Answers

World Galaxy

  • Hump – a round lump on camel’s back
  • Pretend – to make believe something what is not true
  • Tinkling – small, sharp sound
  • Moustache – hair on the upper lip
  • Tumbler – drinking glass

Question 1: Choose the things each one had for breakfast.

(a) Thatha

i. idli
ii. coffee
iii. toast with jam

(b) Usha and Uma

i. idli
ii. milk
iii. toast with jam

(c) Appa

i. idli
ii. coffee
iii. toast with jam

Question 2: Write the things Gita ate that morning.


i. idli
ii. sugar
iii. toast
iv. jam
v. milk

Question 3: How many people were there in Gita’s family? Write their names.

Answer: There were seven people in Gita’s family including Gita –Thatha, Patti, Appa, Amma, Usha, Uma and Gita.

Question 4: What pretend games did Gita play?

Answer: Gita pretends to ride a horse, a camel and a train.

Question 5: Did Gita go to school? How do you know?

Answer: Gita did not go to school. Gita was a little girl who remained at home when her sisters and Appa had left for office.

Question 6: Why did Gita feel she had not had any breakfast? Do you think Amma forgot to give breakfast to Gita?

Answer: Gita did not sit down to have breakfast as a separate meal. Amma had not forgotten to give breakfast to Gita. She had her share with Usha, Uma, Appa and Thatha. She had jam on toast, idli and milk which would make a complete meal.

So, these were Gita’s Breakfast Questions & Answers.

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