Charles Questions & Answers

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Charles Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who is the narrator of the story? What signaled to her that an era of her life had ended?

Answer: Shirley Hardie Jackson is the narrator of the story. A different uniform, self-confidence and aggressive nature of the child signaled her that an era of her life had ended.

Question 2: What did Laurie say about his first day at kindergarten?

Answer: Laurie informed very coldly about his first day at kindergarten that he did not learn anything.

Question 3: Why did Laurie’s mother want to go to the first parent teacher’s meeting? Why couldn’t she go?

Answer: Laurie’s mother wanted to go to the first parents’ teacher’s meeting to meet with Charles’s mother but she could not go as her baby was suffering with cold.

Question 4: Read the line and answer the questions:

Do you think Kindergarten is too unsettling for Laurie?

(a) Who said this?

Answer: The narrator

(b) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: Laurie’s mother told to his father.

(c) What did the listener say then?

Answer: Listener told her to keep patience and observe.

Charles Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did the teacher’s friend make the students do? How did Charles behave with him?

Answer: The teacher’s friend made the students do exercises when the teacher’s friend asked Charles to touch his toes like he did, Charles kicked him.

Question 6: How did the reformation in Charles look like? What did Laurie’s father think about it?

Answer: The reformation in Charles was not looking natural, Laurie’s father thought about it and got an answer that someone is only plotting.

Question 7: Why did Laurie’s mother sit restlessly at the meeting?

Answer: Laurie’s mother sat restlessly at the meeting to know the secrets of Charles and to meet his mother.

Question 8: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘He’s bigger than me.’

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Laurie told this.

(b) Whom was the speaker referring to?

Answer: The speaker is referring to Charles.

(c) What else did the speaker say about him?

Answer: The speaker plotted different stories each day related with Charles and his nuisance.

Charles Questions & Answers

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

Well, be certainly likes kindergarten, he talks about it all the time.

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: The teacher told to Laurie’s mother.

(b) Who is he in the above line?

Answer: He is ‘Laurie’ in the above line.

(c) What did the listener say then?

Answer: The listener told; he talks about it all the time.

Question 10: Why do you think Laurie was lying about Charles?

Answer: Laurie was lying about Charles at the very first day, all sudden his behavior and attitude changed. He was knowing that he was involved with all those incidents but he did not have courage to tell the truth in front of his parents.

Question 11: Laurie comes across as a mischievous kid. Provide five instances from the story who support your answer.

Answer: Laurie comes across as a mischievous kid. These statements of the story are supporting it.

  • The teacher spanked a boy and made him stand in a corner.
  • Today, Charles hit the teacher.
  • Charles bounced a see-saw onto the head of a little girl and made her bleed.
  • Again, Charles had to stand in a corner.
  • Charles threw chalk on the blackboard in a roughly manner.

Question 12: Do you think was a good storyteller. Answer with reference to how his parents responded to his anecdotes?

Answer: Yes, the Laurie was a good storyteller because he plotted nicely about Charles in front of his parents so they could not know the real fact about Laurie and his mother because very curious to meet the boy Charles. As she wanted to save her son from bad influence.

Question 13: With the third week of kindergarten Charles was an institution in our family. What do you think Laurie’s mother implied by this?

Answer: With the third of week of kindergarten Charles was the institution in our family, the baby was being a Charles when she cried all afternoon. Laurie started to play like Charles inside the house.

So, these were Charles Questions & Answers.

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