Chittorgarh A glimpse of Glory Questions & Answers

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Chittorgarh A glimpse of Glory Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. How many gates are there to reach inside Chittorgarh fort?

(a) two
(b) four
(c) seven
(d) six

2. Who built the Vijay Stambh?

(a) Rana Sanga
(b) Rana Kumbha
(c) Padmini
(d) Rana Pratap

Question 2: Say whether the following statements are True and False.

1. Sapna visited Kumbhalgarh fort – False
2. Ganesh Pole is the main gate to enter Chittorgarh fort – False
3. Kitti Stambh was built by Rana Kumbha – False
4. Meera Bai was a great devotee of Bhagwan Krishna – True

Question 3: Who built Chittorgarh fort?

Answer: The Chittorgarh fort was built by the Mauryas during the 7th century.

Question 4: What did Sapna and her parents see in the museum?

Answer: Sapna and her parents saw a nice collection of old guns, swords and other weapons in the museum.

Question 5: Why did Rana Kumbha build the Vijay Stambh?

Answer: Rana Kumbha built the ‘Vijay Stambh’ to celebrate his victory over Mahmud Khilji, the Sultan of Malwa.

Question 6: How did Panna Dhai save the life of the young prince Udai Singh?

Answer: Panna Dhai saved the life of the young prince Udai Singh by sacrificing her son Chandan.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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