Class 10 The Proposal Character Sketch

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Class 10 The Proposal Character Sketch

Question 1: Write the character sketch of Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov.

Answer: Lomov is a well-to-do unmarried man in his mid-thirties who suffers from palpitations, is easily excitable and always gets awfully upset. Whenever he gets excited, his lips tremble and he has a twitch in his right eyebrow. He has a disturbed sleep and he always feel that his left side gives him a pull when he begins to go off in bed. He can feel it in his shoulder and head and he jumps up like a lunatic, walk about a bit and lies down again.

Lomov has been looking for a perfect marriage partner for himself but has failed to find the one. Though, he doesn’t consider Natalya to be ideally suited for him but he takes into account his advancing age and decides to propose to her. Lomov is a nervous wreck, lacks self-confidence and keeps beating about the bush instead of stating the matters clearly.

Though Lomov’s actual purpose for the visit to Natalya’s place was to propose her but as he was quarrelsome by nature, he started arguing about the rightful ownership of the ‘Oxen Meadows’. He is a comical character and instead of proposing Natalya romantically, he keeps on asserting his claim over the land foolishly. He is unintelligent, childish and foolish who keeps on arguing with the lady who seems to be the only person he could marry. Overall, his immaturity and stubbornness almost ruined the sole prospect of his marriage.

Question 2: Write the character sketch of Natalya Stepanova.

Answer: Daughter of Stepan Chubukov, Natalya is a twenty-five-year-old unmarried woman whowishes that somebody should love her and propose to her. Her father calls her ‘a love-sick cat’ as she has reached a stage where she is so desperate to get married that she would accept anybody as her husband. She is quarrelsome, money-minded and quite possessive by nature that she is not ready to leave her claim over ‘Oxen Meadows’. She is such a bad-tempered woman that forgets that her behaviour would jeopardise her prospect of matrimony. Lomov considers her well-educated, not bad-looking and an excellent housekeeper.

Though Lomov is an ailing and stubborn person but Natalya’s basic purpose is to tie the nuptial knot with him as she is so desperate to get married. Natalya is an egoist so, she starts arguing with Lomov again over the superiority of her dog. She is foolish and doesn’t behave in a mature way and forgets that the marriage proposal should be given the top priority. She is childish, immature and doesn’t treat Lomov properly with whom she is to tie the nuptial knot. So, overall, Natalya is a real comical and interesting character.

Question 3: Write the character sketch of Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov.

Answer: Father of an unmarried daughter, Chubukov is a rich landlord. He is adept in the art of pretence and on seeing Lomov, he pretends to be happy and asks him the reason of his visit. He believes that Lomov has come to borrow money from him and asserts that he ‘shan’t give him any’. He is greedy and practical and knows that Lomov can be a good match for her daughter so, he at once gives his assent to Lomov’s proposal of marrying her. Chubukov is a greedy landlord so, he opposes Lomov’s claim over the ownership of ‘Oxen Meadows’.

He is a caring father and feels it his responsibility to marry off his daughter but sometimes he behaves in an immature manner and overlooks her interest. He is short-tempered person and hurl abuses at Lomov who has come to propose to his daughter. Moreover, out of sheer anger, he curses himself when Lomov leaves his place without making a proposal. However, at the end of the play, he behaves in a mature manner and he hurriedly makes the proposal materialize without the proper consent of Natalya and Lomov.

So, these were Class 10 The Proposal Character Sketch.

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