Class 10 The Proposal Important Questions & Answers

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Class 10 The Proposal Important Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does Chubukov suspect that Lomov has come for? What’s his resolve?

Answer: Chubukov suspects that Lomov has come for borrowing some money from him. He decides that he is not going to accede to Lomov’s request and ‘shan’t give him any’ money.

Question 2: Is Chubukov sincere when he says, “And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son?”

Answer: No, Chubukov is not sincere when he says so because he doesn’t have any amiable feelings towards him rather, he views him with suspicion. He actually hates him which becomes evident when he joins his daughter in abusing Lomov and his family.

Question 3: Why is Lomov hesitant in disclosing the purpose of his visit?

Answer: Lomov is a nervous wreck and lacks self-confidence so, he cannot gather enough courage to disclose the purpose of his visit. He keeps beating about the bush until Chubukov asks him to ‘Spit it out’.

Question 4: How does Chubukov treat Lomov when he visits his house?

Answer: Chubukov suspects that Lomov has come to borrow money from him. He pretends to be courteous and keeps making sweet-talk with him for a while. He decides that he is not going to accede to Lomov’s request and ‘shan’t give him any’ money.

Question 5: How does Chubukov react to Lomov’s proposal of marriage to his daughter?

Answer: Chubukov feels elated and tells Lomov that he has been ‘hoping for it for a long time.’ He feels so happy that he rushes in to send his daughter out to see Lomov.

Question 6: Chubukov says of Natalya: ‚…as if she won’t consent! She’s in love, egad, she’s like a lovesick cat…‛ Would you agree? Find reasons for your answer.

Answer: On learning about Lomov’s purpose of visit, Chubukov says this statement. This is because he knew that Natalya is going to accept the proposal without any sense of hesitation because being single at the age of twenty-five, she is desperate to get married. When Lomov expressed his doubt regarding Natalya’s consent to the proposal, Chubukov immediately told him that she was in love with him. However, this was not true. The way Lomov and Natalya kept getting into arguments about trivial matters suggest that both of them were not in love with each other.

Question 7: Has Lomov come to propose to Natalya out of a feeling of love for her or are there some other reasons for it?

Answer: No, Lomov hasn’t come to propose to Natalya out of a feeling of love for her rather he thinks that Natalya is well-educated, not bad-looking and an excellent housekeeper. He also thinks that his advancing age and poor health might deprive him of marriage to anyone else so, he comes to propose Natalya.

Class 10 The Proposal Important Questions & Answers

Question 8: What ailments does Lomov suffer from?

Answer: Lomov suffers from palpitations, is excitable and always getting awfully upset. whenever he gets excited, his lips tremble and he has a twitch in his right eyebrow. He has a disturbed sleep and he always feel that his left side gives him a pull when he begins to go off in bed. He can feel it in his shoulder and head and he jumps up like a lunatic, walk about a bit and lies down again.

Question 9: What idea do you form about the real purpose of marriage amongst Russians from Chubokov’s statement “Go; there’s a merchant come for his goods?

Answer: This statement shows that at that time, Russians were materialistic. The matrimonial alliances were meant to enhance the economic standing. That is why Chubukov talks of a merchant (Lomov) seeking his goods (Natalya).

Question 10: Do you think Natalya has really understood the hidden meaning of Chubokov’s statement “Go; there’s a merchant come for his goods?

Answer: No, according to me, Natalya failed to read between the lines what her father meant. Chubukov meant that somebody has come to seek her hand but Natalya couldn’t understand this. She met Lomov while dressed in her apron and began to talk of casual matters like shelling peas for drying.

Question 11: Why was Natalya surprised to see Lomov in evening dress?

Answer: As Lomov was Natalya’s neighbour so, she didn’t expect a formal visit from him. Initially, she thought that he was going to ball and then admired him as he was looking better in his evening dress. The thought of him coming to seek her hand didn’t cross her mind even once so, she eventually asks him why was he ‘got up like that’.

Question 12: What was the cause of first quarrel between Lomov and Natalya?

Answer: Lomov statement that his inherited piece of land ‘Oxen Meadows’ touch Chubukov’s ‘birchwoods’ was the cause of first quarrel between Lomov and Natalya.

Question 13: Explain the dispute over ‘Oxen Meadows’?

Answer: ‘Oxen Meadows’ was a piece of land that was claimed to be their family property both by Natalya and Lomov. It touchedChubukov’s ‘birchwoods’ and was wedged in between the birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh.

When Lomov said that this piece of land belongs to him then, Natalya objected to this claim and the dispute over the ownership began. Lomov told that he had the documents that could prove his ownership and clarified that his aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of these Meadows in perpetuity to the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather in return for which they were to make bricks for her. The peasants made the free use of the Meadows for forty years, and had got into the habit of regarding them as their own.

However, Natalya asserted that both her grandfather and great grandfather reckoned that their land extended to Burnt Marsh, which meant that Oxen Meadows were theirs. She claimed that they have had the land for nearly three hundred years and though they were not of much worth to her, she could not stand unfairness.

Both Lomov and Natalya refused to give up their respective claims over the land. When Chubukov entered, he too claimed that the ownership of the land lay with their family. The srgument heated up and Lomov threatened to take the matter to the court. Natalya also joined her father in fighting Lomov and finally, an agitated Lomov left the place.

Question 14: Why does Natalya tell Lomov that she will send her mowers to Oxen Meadows? How does Lomov threaten to treat them?

Answer: Natalya tells Lomov that she will send her mowers to Oxen Meadows in order to prove that the land belongs to her family. Lomov threatens to give it to the mowers in the neck if they come to the Oxen Meadows.

Class 10 The Proposal Important Questions & Answers

Question 15: Who is a ‘pettifogger’? Why does Chubukov call Lomov a ‘pettifogger’?

Answer: A ‘pettifogger’ is a person who to prove his point uses disreputable methods. Chubukov calls Lomov a ‘pettifogger’ because Lomov threatens to take the ownership matter to the court and claims that he has the documents to prove his ownership. However, Chubukov believes that there are no such documents and Lomov is just finding a chance to go to the court.

Question 16: What happens to Natalya when she hears that Lomov had come to propose to her?

Answer: When Natalya hears from her father that Lomov had come to propose to her, she gets the shock of her life. She falls into an easy-chair, pretends as if she would die and wails urging her father to bring back Lomov immediately. She blames her father for abusing and driving Lomov out of their house.

Question 17: “I did it on principle.” What did Lomov do on principle?

Answer: On the principle of being the rightful owner of Oxen Meadows, Lomov got into a heated argument with Natalya and Chubukov. Though, he came to propose Natalya but he got into the argument because he believed that though the land was of little worth to him but he should fight for it.

Question 18: What is the bone of contention between Lomov and Natalya after Lomov’s revisit?

Answer: After Lomov’s revisit, the bone of contention between Lomov and Natalya was the relative superiority of their respective hunting dogs – Lomov’s ‘Guess’ and Natalya’s ‘Squeezer’.

Question 19: What do Natalya and Chubukov ask Lomov to do because he is not a good hunter?

Answer: Natalya told Lomov to catch black beetles in his kitchen as he does not deserve to be a hunter. Chubukov told Lomov to sit back at home and nurse his palpitations and not go tracking animals. Natalya also rebukes Lomov that he couldn’t even sit on a horse and claimed to be hunter.

Question 20: Describe the verbal fight between Lomov, Natalya and Chubukov over their respective dogs.

Answer: Lomov and Natalya began a normal conversation about their dogs ‘Guess’ and ‘Squeezer’ respectively. However, they end up arguing bitterly about their superiority over each other. Lomov told Natalya that Guess has gone lame as his leg must have got twisted or bit by some other dog. He claimed that his dog is the best and expensive as well as he had paid 125 roubles to Mironov for him.

Natalya said that her dog Squeezer costed 85 roubles and he is heaps better than Guess. She also said that Squeezer is young and his pedigree is better than anything that even Volchanetsky has got. Lomov told Natalya that Squeezer is an overshot dog and his lower jaw is shorter that the upper. Losing her temper, Natalya told Lomov that her dog is a thoroughbred animal while Guess doesn’t have any pedigree at all. Moreover, she called Guess old and as ugly as a worn-out cab-horse. Lomov told Natalya that dogs like Squeezer could be found under every bush and he would not take five Squeezers for Guess.

Chubukov also joined this heated argument and recounted some qualities of Guess to please Lomov. He called Squeezer purebred, firm on his feet with well-sprung ribs. However, he listed the dog’s defects as well and said that Guess is old and is short in the muzzle. Lomov began recounting Squeezer’s follies when on Marusinsky hunt Guess ran neck-and-neck with the Count’s dog while Squeezer was left a whole verst behind. He also made fun of Squeezer who had started worrying a sheep while other dogs were running after a fox. This fight continued and leading Lomov to an attack of palpitations.

So, these were Class 10 The Proposal Important Questions & Answers.

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