Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Character Sketch

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Character Sketch.

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Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Character Sketch

Question 1: Write the character sketch of Valli.

Answer: Valli is the central character of the story. She is an eight-years-old who doesn’t have any playmates so, she keeps watching the scenes in the street outside her house. She is quite observant and very carefully observes the interior of the bus, the scenes outside the window, the sight of cow in panic, the scene of the town market and the cow lying dead by the side of the road.

Valli is quite ambitious and she make sincere efforts to realise her dreams. She is an excellent planner who plans meticulously to fulfil her desire of going on a bus journey to the nearest town. She is a very confident girl who ventures on a bus journey alone and conducts herself so well during the journey. Because of her self-confidence and assertiveness, the conductor calls Valli ‘madam’. However, she gets easily annoyed when others poke their nose into her business. Though, Valli is quite sensitive and fun-loving but at times, she appears rude when she gives the old woman a piece of her mind.

She gets easily affected by her surroundings. The sight of young cow lying dead by the roadside haunts her and she overcomes by sadness as what was so beautiful a little while ago had turned into a ghastly sight. She is a courageous girl who has the courage to say ‘No’. Moreover, she is a self-respecting girl and can resist temptations. Though the conductor volunteer to offer a cold drink but she declines to accept any obligation.

Overall, Valli is a cheerful, fun-loving and intelligent girl who is capable of taking care of herself.

Question 2: Write the character sketch of the Conductor.

Answer: The unnamed bus conductor in the story comes across as a cheerful man who greets Valli cheerfully. He is surprised to see an eight-year-old girl travelling alone and helps her board the bus. Impressed with Valli’s self-confidence and assertiveness, he calls her ‘madam’. He is a jovial person who likes to make jokes and keeps people entertained on their rides. He also tries to keep Valli in good humour.

He is quite caring and thinking that Valli must be tired and thirsty, he offers to buy her a cold drink. He is quite patient and loves children. This is evident from the fact that he keeps answering Valli’s questions about the dead cow.

Overall, the conductor is a good-natured man who enjoys his work and takes care of his passengers. He even invites Valli to come again for another bus ride.

So, these were the character sketch.

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