Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Important Questions & Answers

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Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Important Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Valli watch the happenings in the street?

Answer: Valli’s favourite pastime was standing in the front doorway of her house, watching what was happening in the street outside. This is because she had no playmates of her own age on her street and this was about all she had to do. Watching the street gave her many new unusual experiences.

Question 2: What prompted Valli to plan her bus ride?

Answer: The reasons that prompted Valli to plan her bus ride were her curious nature to experience the journey and her self-confidence to undertake the journey alone.

Question 3: Why was Valli jealous of her friends?

Answer: Whenever anyone of Valli’s friends happened to ride the bus and tried to describe the sights of the town to her, Valli would be too jealous to listen and would shout, in English: “Proud! proud!” Neither she nor her friends really understood the meaning of the word but they used it often as a slang expression of disapproval.

Question 4: Why did Valli have to make so many calculations before riding the bus?

Answer: Though the sum required for the bus ride was very meagre but for Valli sixty paise was a fortune as she hardly ever got to see so much money. Hence, she had to make so many calculations before riding the bus.

Question 5: Describe the bus Valli got on.

Answer: The bus that Valli got on was a new bus. It was painted a gleaming white on the outside with some green stripes along the sides. Inside, the overhead bars shone like silver and directly in front of Valli, above the windshield, there was a beautiful clock. The seats of the bus were soft and luxurious.

Question 6: How did the elderly woman irritate Valli? How did Valli retort?

Answer: Valli got irritated when the elderly woman asked her if she were all alone. She answered back curtly that she had bought a ticket and was travelling alone. She also told the elderly woman not to bother her as she could take care of herself.

Question 7: How did the bus move as it made the journey towards the town?

Answer: The bus rolled on cutting across a bare landscape rushing through a tiny hamlet on an odd wayside shop. Sometimes, the bus seemed to gobble up another vehicle that was coming towards it or a pedestrian crossing the road. Somehow it passed on smoothly, leaving all obstacles safely behind.

Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Important Questions & Answers

Question 8: How did the train seem to Valli from the bus?

Answer: Valli saw the train from her bus when it reached the railway crossing gate. The train seemed like a tiny speck in the distance and it grew bigger and bigger as it drew near. When it crossed the gate, its tremendous roar and rattle shook the bus.

Question 9: Describe the shopping street that Valli saw as the bus entered the thoroughfare.

Answer: The thoroughfare was a wide one with big, bright-looking shops. These shops had a glittering display of clothes and other merchandise. Big crowds of people could be seen there.

Question 10: Why did Valli decline the conductor’s offer of getting her a cold drink?

Answer: Valli was a courageous girl who had the courage to say ‘No’. Moreover, she was a self-respecting girl and could resist temptations. Though the conductor volunteered to offer a cold drink, she declined to accept any obligation.

Question 11: How did Valli conduct herself during her bus journey?

Answer: When the bus approached Valli, she shouted commandingly to stop the bus. When the conductor offered to assist her, she declined his offer as she considered eight years to be an age where an individual could look after oneself. Very conscious of the fact that she had paid the bus fare and had got a ticket, she didn’t want to be bossed around by anyone. When an elderly man advised her not to stand on her seat, she snubbed him right there. She also found an elderly woman who sat near her quite repulsive. She was quite confident and didn’t show any hesitation while talking to the conductor or her co-passengers. So, because of her self-confidence and assertiveness, the conductor called Valli ‘madam’. When the bus reached the town, Valli refused to listen to the conductor’s advice to get off and take a cold drink. So, she conducted herself quite confidently and independently.

Question 12: Why according to you, the conductor asks Valli, “Won’t your mother be looking for you?”

Answer: Valli was quite young to venture on a bus journey alone. The conductor was surprised to see an eight-year-old Valli wanting to travel all by herself. So, he asked her this question as this journey would keep her absent from her house for about two hours.  

Question 13: Do you feel the bus journey made Valli wiser and more knowledgeable?

Answer: Yes, according to me the bus journey definitely made Valli wiser and more knowledgeable. She realised the difference between death and life. She planned accordingly, saved money and made calculations, conducted herself so well during the journey. All this definitely made her wiser and added to her knowledge.

Question 14: How did Valli learn about the mystery of death?

Answer: When Valli saw the cow lying dead by the roadside, she realised the inevitability of death. What was so beautiful a little while ago had turned into a ghastly sight, this made her realise the transitoriness of life.

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