Clever Birbal Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Clever Birbal Questions & Answers.

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Clever Birbal Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scribe – a person who copied written documents in the olden days
  • Will be ruined – (here) will lose all our money
  • Fall into the hands of – (here) came under the control of
  • Reached the ears of – (here) was heard by
  • Announced – said strongly
  • Interest – (here) extra money charged on a borrowed sum
  • Loan – (here) money lent to someone
  • Outsmarted by – (here) proven wrong by

Question 1: What did the scribe often tell his wife?

Answer: The scribe often told his wife never fall into the hands of the moneylender.

Question 2: How did the moneylender came to know about the scribe’s dream?

Answer: The story of the scribe’s dream spread among the people and reached the moneylender.

Question 3: What idea did the moneylender get?

Answer: The moneylender got the idea of demanding the money that the scribe had borrowed from him in his dream.

Question 4: How did Birbal help scribe?

Answer: Birbal kept hundred gold coins in front of the mirror and asked the moneylender to take the coins reflection in the mirror. The moneylender knew he had been outsmarted by Birbal and so he left.

Question 5: What lesson did the moneylender learn in the end?

Answer: The moneylender learnt that he had been outsmarted. He never tried to cheat anyone else again.

Question 6: Number these sentences in correct order.


…3…The moneylender went to visit the scribe.
…2…The story of the scribe’s dream reached the moneylender.
…5…The scribe and his wife went to Birbal for help.
…7…The moneylender never tried to cheat anyone else again.
…6…Birbal asked the moneylender to take the coins reflected in the mirror.
…1…The scribe dreamt that he had borrowed money from the moneylender.
…4…The moneylender asked the scribe to return the money he had borrowed in the dream.

So, these were Clever Birbal Questions & Answers.

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