Clever Girija Questions & Answers

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Clever Girija Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Girija live?

Answer: Girija lived in a small village on the top of a hill.

Question 2: What did the thief steal from the village temple?

Answer: The thief stole a bell from the village temple.

Question 3: What did the thief do after stealing the bell?

Answer: The thief ran away with the bell into the forest.

Question 4: What did the thief do when he saw the tiger?

Answer: When the thief saw the tiger, he dropped the bell and ran fast.

Question 5: Why did the monkeys play with bell?

Answer: The monkeys played with bell because they liked the sound of the bell and kept on ringing it.

Question 6: What did the traveller tell the village people?

Answer: The traveller told the village people that he had seen the bones of the dead man in the forest.

Question 7: What did the old man say when he heard the sound of the bell?

Answer: The old man said that it must be a demon who was ringing the bell.

Question 8: Why did the people talk about running away from the village?

Answer: The people talked about running away from the village because they thought that the demon would kill them when they heard the bell rang again.

Question 9: How did Girija convince the villagers to stay in the village?

Answer: Girija told the villagers that there were no real demons in the forest.

Question 10: What good news did the village headman give to the villagers?

Answer: The village headman said the villagers that Girija would drove way the demon from the village.

Question 11: What did the village headman say to the villagers?

Answer: The village headman said that if the bell would stop ringing than he would give reward to Girija.

Question 12: What did Girija take with her in the forest and for whom?

Answer: Girija took a basket full of bananas and nuts for the monkeys.

Question 13: Why did Girija take bananas and nuts for the monkeys?

Answer: Girija took bananas and nuts for the monkeys because she knew that monkeys like fruits and nuts.

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