Good Morning Merry Sunshine Questions & Answers

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Good Morning Merry Sunshine Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Merry – cheerful and lively
  • Scared – fearful, frightened
  • Shied – keep away
  • Anonymous – unknown

Question 1: Who said ‘Good morning’ to the sunshine?

Answer: Children said ‘Good morning’ to the sunshine.

Question 2: Where were the children at the sunrise?

Answer: The children were in their beds at the sunrise.

Question 3: Why are the children surprised?

Answer: The children are surprised to see the sun rising early when they are still in the bed.

Question 4: What happens when the sun shines?

Answer: When the sun shines, the light of the sun hides stars and moon.

Question 5: What does sunshine bring for us?

Answer: The sunshine brings for us a lovely day full of faith and hope.

Question 6: What is the meaning of ‘green world’?

Answer: ‘Green world’ means plants on earth.

Question 7: What is the message given by the sunshine to the children?

Answer: The sunshine tells the children to go to the bed early and rise early to be successful in life.

Question 8: Write the describing words from the poem.

(a) Merry sunshine.
(b) Little children.
(c) Cool moon.
(d) Green world.

Question 9: Who said this to whom?

(a) ‘How did you wake up so soon?

Answer: Children said this to the sunshine.

(b) ‘Early to bed early to rise.’

Answer: The sunshine said this to children.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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