Late Kate Questions & Answers

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Late Kate Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Spade – a tool used for digging
  • Wade – to walk through water
  • Swept – to carry away
  • Brave – feeling or showing no fear

Question 1: Why did Kate’s playmates call her late Kate?

Answer: Kate was always late at everything so, her playmates called her late Kate.

Question 2: Where did Kate and her dog Rover play for some time?

Answer: For some time, they played on the beach.

Question 3: What did she ask Rover to do when she was going into the water?

Answer: When Kate was going into the water, she asked Rover to sit and look after her shoes.

Question 4: Why was she happy in the sea?

Answer: On seeing the waves moving up and down, Kate was very happy.

Question 5: What did the big wave do to her?

Answer: The big wave swept her into the sea.

Question 6: What did Rover do when he heard a cry?

Answer: When Rover heard a cry, he began to bark. He ran into the water and swam out to save Kate.

Question 7: How did the brave dog save Kate?

Answer: The brave dog caught her frock in his teeth and pulled her back from the sea to the shore.

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