Colours Of Rainbow Questions & Answers

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Colours Of Rainbow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Awning – a canvas supported by a frame to give protection against the weather
  • Splendiferous – splendid; grand in appearance
  • Barely – almost not
  • Musings – thoughts
  • Oblivious – not aware of something
  • Tiff – a slight argument
  • Convolutions – twists; (here) troubles, difficulties
  • Hues – colours
  • Cherish – to love, care and protect
  • Brewing – about to happen
  • Hauteur – excessive pride
  • Good riddance – used to express happiness that someone or something unwanted has gone
  • Awry – not right
  • Remonstrate – to argue in protest
  • Well-to-do – rich, prosperous
  • Fortification – defence
  • Incarnation – human form
  • Breach – to break through

Question 1: What did the narrator observe when he looked out?

Answer: He observed the beauties of nature. He observed how the drops of water were dripping and sliding down the plants. He paid great attention on the rain drops.

Question 2: Why was the narrator unable to pay attention to what his daughter was saying?

Answer: The narrator was lost in his own thoughts. He was thinking of the daily expenses and limited salary so, he was unable to pay attention to what his daughter was saying.

Question 3: Why did the narrator have a tiff with his wife?

Answer: The family was hard up. The expenses had increased and the limited salary was insufficient for them to live a good life. The wife kept reminding the narrator of their poverty. This irritated him and he had a tiff with her.

Question 4: What did the narrator find when he returned home late at night?

Answer: When the narrator returned, the kids had gone to sleep. The wife was sitting all by herself. She had not eaten since morning and was waiting for her husband.

Question 5: Why did the narrator not have an appetite?

Answer: The narrator had taken his lunch with his friends and thus had not appetite for more.

So, these were Colours Of Rainbow Questions & Answers.

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