A Strange Trail Questions & Answers

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A Strange Trail Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Charmed – very pleased
  • Adventure – an exciting and dangerous activity
  • Trial – the judicial examination of issues in a court
  • Bewildered – confused
  • Puzzle – a situation which is difficult to understand
  • Queer – strange
  • Gryphon – a winged monster with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle
  • Wig – a covering of artificial hair worn on the head
  • Jury – a body of persons appointed to hear a case
  • Tart – an open pastry case with a filling, usually of something sweet such as fruit
  • Accusation – the act of charging someone with a crime
  • Fidget – to make continuous small movements
  • Verdict – a decision or judgement
  • Execute – to kill someone as a legal punishment
  • Snore – breathe in a very noisy way while you are sleeping
  • Pace – speed
  • Ridiculous – stupid or unreasonable
  • Treacle – a sweet dark thick liquid used in cooking sweet dishes and sweets
  • Frown – to draw the brows together and wrinkle the forehead
  • Sentence – punishment

Question 1: What did Alice remember?

Answer: Alice remembered having followed a white rabbit who led her to a strange place. She saw a lot of odd creatures who acted oddly. She remembered talking to a king and a queen and attending the Mad Tea Party.

Question 2: Why, according to the Gryphon were the jurymen putting down their names?

Answer: According to Gryphon, the Jurymen were putting down their names for fear that they should forget them before the end of the trial.

Question 3: The first witness was:
i. Alice
ii. White Rabbit
iii. King
iv. Mad Hatter

Answer: The first witness was the Mad Hatter.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
‘Give your evidence or I’ll have you executed whether you’re nervous or not.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The king says these words to the Hatter.

(b) What do you mean by ‘I’ll have you executed’?

Answer: It means, “I’ll have you killed.”

Question 5: What, according to Alice, is the first wise thing that the King has said that day?

Answer: According to Alice, the first wise thing that the king said that day was that Hatter was a poor speaker.

Question 6: Knave denies having imitated somebody’s handwriting. What evidence does he give?

Answer: He gave the evidence that there was no name signed at the end of the letter.

Question 7: What happens when the whole pack of cards and all the animals fall upon Alice?

Answer: When the whole pack of cards and all the animals fall on Alice, she screams and tries to beat them off. The animals run in different directions and disappear.

Question 8: A strange trial was a dream which Alice dreamt. (True/False)

Answer: True.

So, these were A Strange Trail Questions & Answers.

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