Community Helpers Questions & Answers

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Community Helpers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Name the following:

(a) I bake yummy cakes.

Answer: Baker

(b) I drive people from place to place.

Answer: Driver

(c) I sell flowers.

Answer: Florist

(d) I repair cars.

Answer: Mechanic

(e) I keep your house clean.

Answer: Domestic helper

(f) I trim hair.

Answer: Barber

(g) I mend and polish shoes.

Answer: Cobbler

(h) I look after garden.

Answer: Gardener

(i) I sell different kinds of flowers.

Answer: Florist

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) A florist sells flowers and bouquets – True
(b) The cobbler fixes tyres and repairs the car – False
(c) A domestic helper uses rolling pin to clean the house – False
(d) A gardener grows different kinds of plants – True

Question 3: Who are community helpers?

Answer: The people who do jobs to help the community are called community helpers.

Question 4: What does a mechanic do?

Answer: A mechanic repairs vehicles, fixes tyres and services the vehicles.

Question 5: What does a domestic helper do?

Answer: The domestic helper cleans utensils, washes clothes and keeps our house clean.

Question 6: What is the job of a gardener?

Answer: A gardener looks after the garden and keeps it clean and green.

Question 7: What tools does a firefighter use to put out fires?

Answer: A firefighter uses fire engines to put out fires.

Question 8: What does a domestic helper use to do the house work?

Answer: A domestic helper uses a broom, bucket, soap and scrubber to do the house work.

Question 9: Why do we buy flowers and bouquets from a florist?

Answer: We buy flowers and bouquets to gift our loved ones or to decorate our house.

So, these were Community Helpers Questions & Answers.

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