Coorg Important Questions & Answers

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Coorg Important Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is described here as a ‘piece of heaven’? Why does the author think the place must have ‘drifted from the kingdom of God’?

Answer: The district Coorg in the Indian state of Karnataka is described as a ‘piece of heaven’. The author thinks so because of the heavenly picturesque beauty and tranquility of Coorg. Coorg is snugly placed amid lush evergreen rainforests and has a perfect weather. It has a variety of flora and fauna and vast coffee estates and colonial bunglows. Its hilly topography makes it a land of rolling hills inhabited by beautiful and brave people.

Question 2: What does the author mean by ‘the season of joy’?

Answer: By the season of joy, the author means the season of good weather, tourism and festivities in Coorg.The best weather conditions to visit Coorg are from September till March which the author calls this period as ‘the season of joy’. The weather is perfect during this time and light showers keep the air cool which is already laden with the invigorating fragrance of coffee.

Question 3: What does the author say about the coffee estates of Coorg?

Answer: The author tells the reader that Coorg abounds in large coffee plantations and the air here is full of its invigorating fragrance of coffee. These estates are in prime corners of the district and are owned by affluent people who live in colonial bungalows under tree canopies.

Question 4: How have the Coorgis contributed to the Indian Army?
The people of Coorg are full of valour. Discuss.

Answer: Coorgi homes have a tradition of hospitality. They take pride in their valour and recount numerous tales of bravery related to their sons and fathers. The Coorg Regiment of the Indian Army is one of the most decorated ones and the first Chief of Indian Army, General Cariappa, was a Coorgi. Even now, Kodavus are the only Indians permitted to carry firearms without a license.

Question 5: According to the author, who, would participate in high energy adventures and why?

Answer: According to the author, the most lethargic and laidback individuals would participate in high-energy adventures when in Coorg. They would do so because they would be inspired by the scenic beauty here and would actively get involved in adventure sports like river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain hiking.

Question 6: How is a climb to Brahmagiri hills rewarding?

Answer: A climb to the Brahmagiri hills is rewarding because they provide a panoramic view of the entire misty landscape of Coorg. It takes the visitor to the sixty-four-acre island of Nisargadhama after walking across the rope bridge. Close to the island, is India’s largest Tibetan settlement at Bylakuppe, where one can see Buddhist monks in red, ochre and yellow robes.

Question 7: How does the river Kaveri contribute to the life in Coorg?

Answer: River Kaveri obtains its water from the hills and forests of Coorg. It, in turn, contributes in a significant way to the lives of Coorgi people. The river abounds in Mahaseer- a large freshwater fish. Kingfishers feed themselves by diving in the Kaveri waters for their catch. The river is also a source of enjoyment for the langurs and squirrels that throw half-eaten fruit in its water and enjoy the splash and ripple effect thus created. The elephants in Coorg enjoy being bathed and scrubbed by their mahouts in the waters of Kaveri. Even the most laidback people enjoy adventure sports like river rafting, canoeing, and rappelling in the waters of Kaveri. Thus, the river Kaveri is a source of sustenance as well as enjoyment for humans and animals alike. To this heaven-like district of Karnataka, the river adds life to the throbbing environment.

Question 8: Why does the author say that he would prefer to step aside for wild elephants?

Answer: An elephant who is under the charge of a mahout is generally docile while an untrained one who is in the forests is aggressive and unpredictable. So, to avoid any unpleasant encounter with the untamed beasts the author would like to step aside at the sight of the wild elephants.

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