Crossing The Bar MCQs

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Crossing The Bar MCQs.

This poem is written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. In my previous posts, I have shared the MCQs of The Darkling Thrush and Birches so, you can check these posts as well.

Crossing The Bar MCQs

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The poem was written in?

(a) 1801
(b) 1808
(c) 1888
(d) 1889

2. The poet uses_________of a sand bar to describe the barrier between life and death.

(a) metaphor
(b) personification
(c) simile
(d) alliteration

3. What is the mood of the speaker in the poem?

(a) anxious
(b) mournful
(c) filled with tranquil optimism
(d) sad

4. The poem begins with the poet describing the_________.

(a) self-introduction
(b) atmosphere
(c) weather condition
(d) welcome note

5. Who gave clear call to the poet?

(a) His neighbour
(b) His friend
(c) His death
(d) His wife

6. When did the poet hear the call?

(a) In morning
(b) In afternoon
(c) In evening
(d) At night

7. As the speaker nears the end of his life, he is sure that he will meet his_______upon his death.

(a) mother
(b) father
(c) friend
(d) maker

8. Crossing the Bar opens with a metaphorical image, focusing on sunset and evening star to immediately suggest that______

(a) the sun has set
(b) something is coming to an end
(c) stars are twinkling in the sky
(d) night is approaching

9. The poet’s old age is compared to______

(a) rising of stars in the sky
(b) sunrise
(c) rising of moon in the sky
(d) sunset and Evening star

10. Which literary device is used in ‘sunset and evening star’?

(a) Alliteration
(b) Assonance
(c) Anaphora
(d) Metaphor

11. What is the meaning of ‘bar’ in the poem?

(a) Jail
(b) Bank of sand
(c) Iron bar
(d) To block a road

12. The poet wants his movement to the other world be______ and quiet.

(a) peaceful
(b) silent
(c) calm
(d) soundless

13. ‘Turns again home’ means what?

(a) Soul’s journey back to its home
(b) Turn towards home
(c) Home gets turned away
(d) Go back to home

14. What is the symbolic significance of ‘one clear call for me’?

(a) go back home
(b) a command from the captain to fix the mast
(c) impending announcement of the poet’s departure from the present world to the next
(d) a call to reach the deck of the ship

15. What is the literal meaning of ‘Sound and Foam’ in the poem?

(a) Doubts and fears
(b) Sound and waves
(c) Doubts and confusions
(d) Sound of waves

16. The poet uses metaphorical language to liken his journey to the next world after death to the journey by a _______.

(a) airplane
(b) camel
(c) ship
(d) train

Crossing The Bar MCQs

17. What is the meaning of ‘moaning’ in the poem?

(a) To make low sound because of pain
(b) Low murmur of the sea
(c) Mental suffering
(d) Complaining

18. If the sandbar is a symbol of death, with the water inside representing his life, what does the water beyond represent?

(a) Dreams
(b) Grave
(c) The afterlife
(d) Hell

19. What does the ‘call’ foreshadow later in the poem?

(a) The idea of a heavenly afterlife
(b) The role that God will play
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) The role of Greek Gods and Goddesses

20. What kind of death does the poet want?

(a) Near-seamless transition
(b) Smooth
(c) Quiet
(d) All of the above

21. The poet wishes that when he dies and sets out in the sea, the ride shall be_______, like a calm sea wave.

(a) sober
(b) smooth
(c) quiet
(d) gentle

22. ‘But such a tide’ refers to what?

(a) The tide that will make crossing the bar easier
(b) Tide of time
(c) Sea tide
(d) High tide

23. ‘When that which drew’ what is the meaning of ‘that’ here?

(a) Sounds
(b) Waves
(c) Soul
(d) Tides

24. The words ‘boundless deep’ symbolize

(a) River
(b) Core of the earth
(c) Vast sky
(d) Unknown eternity

25. What do you mean by ‘evening bell’ here?

(a) The old age
(b) The church bell
(c) Death bell
(d) The bell that rings in evening

26. The expression ‘evening bell’ is symbolic of

(a) ringing of bell for morning assembly
(b) knell which is sounded when someone dies
(c) funeral ceremony
(d) ringing of church bell

27. The expression ‘Twilight and evening bell’ has replaced

(a) Time and place
(b) After that the dark
(c) When I have crost the bar
(d) Sunset and evening star

28. What is the meaning of ‘The flood may bear me far’?

(a) The flood will not save him.
(b) The flood of death will carry him far away.
(c) He will be destroyed in the flood.
(d) The natural calamity of flood will swim him far.

29. Where is poet embarking?

(a) On an airplane
(b) On a ship
(c) Death journey
(d) On a bus

30. Where will the ship of his soul return after it is dark?

(a) earth
(b) harbour
(c) island
(d) infinity

31. What does the quoted line NOT suggest? ‘May there be no sadness of farewell’.

(a) He does not like the company of family, friends and relatives.
(b) He is prepared for his journey.
(c) He is leaving with a quiet and calm mind.
(d) He is seeing death not as a final destination, but a new beginning.

32. The word ‘pilot’ is a direct reference to

(a) one of the members of the crew
(b) God
(c) captain of the ship
(d) angels

33. The sand bar is the barrier that the ship will have to cross when sailing out to sea. What does this barrier symbolize?

(a) lashing waves
(b) perilous rocks
(c) impediment, internal and external that we have to overcome to journey into death
(d) turbulent weather

34. ‘Bourne’ refers to?

(a) Boundary
(b) A limit
(c) A goal
(d) A destination

35. The poet is determined, when he has crossed the sand-bar, he will surely meet his pilot_________.

(a) really
(b) physically
(c) face to face
(d) personally

So, these were Crossing The Bar MCQs.

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