David Begins a New Life Questions & Answers

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David Begins a New Life Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Devoted – strong love and loyalty towards something
  • Pleasant – friendly and likeable
  • At ease – relaxed
  • Abode – a place where someone lives
  • Contented – happy and satisfied
  • Skillful – good at doing something
  • Befriended – to become friends
  • Fruitful – productive
  • Deserted – empty
  • Woeful – very bad

Question 1: Complete the following statements:

(a) Miss Betsey was concerned about David’s education.
(b) Miss Betsey felt that she would get the best advice from Mr Wickfield who was a lawyer by profession.
(c) She asked David if he would like to study in Canterbury.
(d) Miss Betsey advised David to not to be mean, cruel and false.
(e) Mr Wickfield offered to leave David with him till further arrangements could be made.
(f) David was conscious of the difference between his and other students’ education and experience.

Question 2: Who were the people in David Copperfield’s new life?

Answer: The people in David Copperfield’s new life were Aunt Betsey, Mr. Dick, Mr. Wickfield, Agnes, Uriah Heep and Dr. Strong.

David Begins a New Life Questions & Answers

Question 3: How did David’s life in Canterbury become a comforting one?

In Canterbury, Mr. Wickfield introduced David to Dr. Strong, the headmaster of the school. The head boy Adams showed him ground and introduced him to the masters and his life became a comforting one.

Question 4: Describe David’s first day at the Wickfields’.

Answer: David and aunt Betsey were welcomed by Uriah Heep. They met Mr. Wickfield at his office and he promised to take care of David until further arrangement would be made. His daughter Agnes became his good friend and helped him.

Question 5: Do you think David became happy in the new phase of his life?

Answer: Yes, David became happy in the new phase of his life. He went to school in Canterburry where he was treated well. Mr. Wickfield’s daughter became his friend who was of his age. Therefore, his life was happy at Canterburry.

David Begins a New Life Questions & Answers

Question 6: What was Dick’s relationship with Miss Betsey and how did he come to live with her?

Answer: Mr. Dick was a distant relative of Miss Betsey and he was declared insane by his own brother. Miss Betsey had come to his rescue and got him home.

Question 7: Describe David’s journey from factory to Miss Betsey’s house.

Answer: David was almost robbed as soon as he had left the house. He had no place to sleep and he slept on the hay-stacks. He got a six miles ride in a cart and he walked the rest of the journey to reach his aunt Miss. Betsey’s house.

Question 8: Explain why Miss Betsey refused to part with David?

Answer: Miss Betsey refused to part with David because Mr. Murdstone’s attitude towards David was harsh and cruel due to this, she became his guardian.

Question 9: What was the final decision taken about David’s custody?

Answer: The final decision was taken that Miss Betsey and Mr. Dick would be his guardian jointly.

So, these were David Begins a New Life Questions & Answers.

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