Casabianca Questions & Answers

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Casabianca Questions & Answers

  • Wreck – a sunken ship
  • Whence – from where
  • Chieftain – the leader of a group
  • Wreathing – covering
  • Booming – making a loud sound
  • Perished – got destroyed
  • Helm – wheel to steer a ship
  • Pennon – a small triangular flag borne on a ship
  • Gallant – brave
  • Wrapt – wrapped
  • Banners – flags
  • Splendor – impressive beauty
  • Strewed – scattered over a surface

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The father was ‘unconscious of his son’ because…………

i. he could not hear the boy in the noise of the gunshots.
ii. he had fainted.
iii. he had died.

(b) ‘A creature of heroic blood’ refers to…………

i. the sailors.
ii. the young boy.
iii. the admiral of the ship.

(c) ‘And shouted but once more aloud,
“My father, must I stay?”
This was the boy’s

i. first call to his father.
ii. last call to his father.
iii. seventh call to his father.

(d) In ‘they wrapt the ship in the splendor wild ‘they’ refers to……

i. the wind that blew around the ships.
ii. the sea around the ship.
iii. the flames that engulfed the ship.

Casabianca Questions & Answers

Question 2: Complete the following sentences:

(a) Young Casabianca called out to his father many times, asking him if he could leave his post.
(b) As the battle raged on, the flames began spreading and they engulfed the ship like a fog.
(c) Casabianca was unaware that his father was dead.
(d) Sine Casabianca did not hear his father respond, he continued to stand at his post.
(e) When the ship exploded, it lay torn and scattered.
(f) The noblest thing that perished in the battle was the young and faithful heart of Casabianca.

Question 3: Where was Casabianca standing?

Answer: Casabianca was standing on the deck of the ship.

Question 4: What did the people in the ship do when it caught fire? What did Casabianca do then?

Answer: When the ship caught fire, some people in the ship fled away and some died. But Casabianca didn’t move from his place as his father orgered him to stay there.

Question 5: Why could his father not hear his voice?

Answer: His father could not hear his voice because he became unconscious in the fire.

Question 6: Why does the poet call the young heart the ‘noblest thing’?

Answer: The poet calls the young heart the ‘noblest thing’ because Casabianca was very obedient to his father. He could have saved the fire but in order to obey his father’s words he died in the fire.

Casabianca Questions & Answers

Question 7: How does the poet describe Casabianca standing in the fire?

Answer: The poet describes that Casabianca was standing on the burning deck normally. In spite of fire, he did not become nervous. It seemed that he was born to rule the storm with heroic blood.

Question 8: Describe the scene of the burning ship.

Answer: The fire covered the all sides of the ship. It even reached the flag which was flying very high. It also surrounded the brave boy Casabianca like the flag’s shadow in the sky.

Question 9: What were the main themes of Felicia Hemans’ poetry?

Answer: The main themes of Felicia Hemans’ poetry were nature, childhood, travel and heroic stories.

Question 10: Explain the lines:

Casabianca Questions & Answers

Answer: Through these lines, the poetess talks about the braveness and obedient nature of the boy Casabianca. The poetess says that the flames rushed at the boy. He felt their heat on his forehead and in waving hair. Though he knew that his death was imminent yet he stood quite and calm in order to keep his father’s words. He looked around him from the place of death with a bold heart though he was disappointed.

Question 11: Write a few pairs of rhyming words.

Answer: Form – Storm
Deck – wreck
Breath – death
Cried – replied

So, these were Casabianca Questions & Answers.

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