Earth Harvested Questions & Answers

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Earth Harvested Questions & Answers

Question 1: Define the following terms:

(a) Agriculture: It is the process of preparing land for cultivation of crops, fruits and vegetables and rearing cattle.

(b) Arable land: The land whether a flat terrain or hill slopes on which agriculture is practices is known as arable land.

(c) Fallow land: The field on which agriculture is not practiced for certain period of time is known as fallow land.

(d) Ranch: In pastoral farming, the livestock such as cattle, sheep and goats are kept in huge farm called ranch.

(e) Subsistence: System of farming in which the farmer keeps crops and livestock for his own family.

(f) Transhumance: Seasonal movement of nomads along with their herds to warmer places in winter and cooler highlands in summer is called transhumance.

(g) Estates: In plantation agriculture, the produce is processed on the farm or in nearby factories called estates.

Question 2: Name three cropping techniques.

Answer: Multi cropping, inter-cropping and crop rotation.

Question 3: If you are a farmer of dry region in Maharashtra, which crop you will grow and why?

Answer: If I am a farmer in the dry region of Maharashtra, I will grow Jowar as it is a millet and a drought resistant crop, it requires very less water to grow.

Question 4: What are the major fodder crops that are grown in pastoral farming?

Answer: Alfalfa and lucerne are the major fodder crops grown in pastoral farming.

Question 5: How are agriculture and industry related?

Answer: Farming a system that involves various inputs and undergoes various processes to give rise to a definite output. It can be easily compared to any industry where inputs can be considered as raw materials, various processes can be compared to operations and outputs as products.

Question 6: What are drought resistant crops?

Answer: The crops that can be grown in dry areas are called drought resistant crops, for example jowar and bajra.

Earth Harvested Questions & Answers

Question 7: Make a list of perishable goods that you consume daily.

Answer: Milk products such as cheese, butter, curd, paneer and other perishable goods like vegetables and fruits, etc.

Question 8: How do hybrid variety of seeds benefit farmers?

Answer: Hybrid variety of seeds benefit farmers as they are used to ensure good quality, quick harvest, pest and weather resistivity etc.

Question 9: Why is electricity advantageous for the farms?

Answer: Electricity is advantageous to the farms because it allows the use of better irrigation facilities and highly mechanized equipment on the farm.

Question 10: What kind of ‘relief’ is more suitable for farming?

Answer: Flat land areas such as river basins, flood plains and deltas, which have a thick layer of soil, are more suitable for farming.

Question 11: How does crop rotation help soil fertility?

Answer: In crop rotation, the crops are continuously rotated. The plants which require nutrients absorb nutrients. After that the leguminous plants are planted in that area, which help the area to replenish its nutrients which help in maintaining the cycle.

Question 12: What are primary activities? Give an example.

Answer: Primary activities involve the extraction and production of resources provided by the nature. Hunting, food gathering, pastrolism, fishing, forestry, mining and agriculture fall in the category of primary activity.

Question 13: How does the farmer benefit in mixed farming?

Answer: In mixed farming, animal husbandry is practiced along with crop farming and the farmer gets the income from both. The live stocks get their feed from the agriculture and they provide farmers with milk, meat and organic manure.

Question 14: What is the difference between the estate and a ranch?

Estate: In the practice of plantation agriculture, the produce is processed on the farms or nearby factories called estates.
Ranch: In the practice of pastoral farming, the animals are kept in huge farms called ranches.

Earth Harvested Questions & Answers

Question 15: How is farming comparable to industry?

Answer: Farming is primary activity while industry is secondary or tertiary activity. Farming is engaged by 50% of world’s population directly or indirectly. Without farming, industry can’t work, hence farming is more important than agriculture.

Question 16: What are the major characteristics of plantation agriculture?


  • Plantation agriculture is the oldest system of commercial agriculture.
  • It specializes in single crop cultivation meant for export done over a large area.
  • It was introduced by Europeans in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It is also called monoculture.
  • It is highly mechanized and is a scientific farming.
  • It requires a good system of transportation.
  • The produce is processed on the farms or in nearby factories called estates.

Question 17: Why is truck farming practiced near the city?

Answer: It includes cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers to meet the regular demand of urban market. These farms are located just outside the city area and the daily produce is transported to the city with the help of trucks, hence the name truck farming.

Question 18: Whys is the delta region most favoured place of agriculture?

Answer: Soil not only supports plants but also provide them with moisture and nutrients. The deep alluvial well drained soil is most suitable for farming of most crops. This is the reason why most of the deltas are the major agriculture regions of the world. Porous soil is soft and easy to plough, clayey soil has moisture retention capacity.

Question 19: Why should farms of perishable goods be located close to the market?

Answer: As perishable material can be perished. Its is always a better option to sell them faster, hence farms of perishable goods are located close to markets.

Earth Harvested Questions & Answers

Question 20: Agriculture is called a primary economic activity. Why?

Answer: Agriculture is base to most of the activities as it provides, food, clothing and shelter to humans. 50% of the people in world are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture. It is a primary economic activity.

Question 21: Dairy farming is a market oriented industry. Give reasons.

Answer: Dairy farming is a market-oriented industry due to following reasons:

  • It is a highly intensive type of livestock farming that breeds and raises milch animals, to make milk products such as butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc.
  • Expenditure on animal sheds, storage facilities for fodder, feeding and mulching machines makes it capital intensive.
  • It is highly labour intensive as involves regular feeding and mulching.
  • It requires scientific techniques such as refrigeration, pasteurization, etc. for preservation.
  • It requires good transport system.

Question 22: Differentiate between the following –

(a) Intensive Subsistence Agriculture and Extensive Agriculture.

Intensive AgricultureExtensive Agriculture
Small landBig land
High produceLow produce
Modern techniquesNormal process

(b) Plantation and Extensive Agriculture

Plantation AgricultureExtensive Agriculture
Practiced in large area.Practiced in sparsely populated area.
It requires good system of transport which connects estates to factories and markets.The entire farm operations of cultivation from ploughing to harvesting are mechanized.
Mostly practiced Africa, Asia and part of North America.Mostly practiced in grasslands such as prairies of North America and Steppes of Eurasia.

(c) Dairy Farming and Pastoral Farming

Dairy FarmingPastoral Farming
It is a highly intensive type of livestock farming that breeds and raises milch animals.It is the commercial rearing of the livestock such as cattle, sheep, etc.
The animal’s produce is kept in estates.The animals are kept in ranches.
Tea, coffee and rubber are important plantation crops.Alfalfa and lucerne are important plantation crops.

So, these were Earth Harvested Questions & Answers.

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