Eureka Questions & Answers

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Eureka Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does Eureka mean?

Answer: Eureka means a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

Question 2: Who was Mt. Everest named after and why?

Answer: Mt. Everest was named after Sir George Everest, a surveyor. He was the first to produce detail maps of the Indian subcontinent including the Himalayas.

Question 3: Why is Mount Everest the ultimate climbing challenge?

Answer: Mount Everest is the ultimate climbing challenge because of its height of 29,029 feet (8,850 m). 

Question 4: What do climbers of Mount Everest suffer from?

Answer: They suffer from the effects of extreme high altitude, called mountain sickness or hypoxia and frostbite. 

Question 5: Who led the British expedition and when?

Answer: The British Expedition was led by Colonel John Hunt in 1953.

Question 6: From which countries were the two climbers who reached the summit of the Mount Everest?

Answer: Edmund Hillary was from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay was from Nepal.

Eureka Questions & Answers

Question 7: Which characteristics of Tenzing and Hillary are revealed through this lesson?

Answer: Tenzing and Hillary were hardworking, determined and careful planners.

Question 8: What preparations are done by the climbers?

Answer: The climbers plan, purchase and carry all of their food and supplies with them up the mountain. Most teams hire Sherpas to help carry their supplies with them up the mountain.

Question 9: Why could the climbers enjoy only 15 minutes on the mountain top?

Answer: The climbers could enjoy only 15 minutes on the mountain top because of the low oxygen supply. 

Question 10: How did they spend their time on the summit?

Answer: They took photographs, made a food offering and looked for any sign indicative of missing climbers from previous expeditions.

Question 11: What made the British Expedition successful?

Answer: According to Colonel Hunt, sound advice from mountaineers who had attempted the climb in the past, careful planning, excellent equipment and good weather contributed to the success of the British expedition.

Eureka Questions & Answers

Question 12: What are the challenges faced by the climbers while climbing high mountains?

Answer: While climbing high mountains, the weather is often freezing and unpredictable. Climbers run the risk of contracting frostbite or hypoxia. One can also be caught in avalanches or fall from steep cliffs into crevasses.

Question 13: What are Edmund Hillary’s achievements in life?

Answer: Edmund Hillary became famous in 1953 as the first man to climb Mount Everest. He became the first man to drive overland to the South Pole in 1958. Since then, Sir Edmund has worked in Nepal/Himalayan region and was involved in building schools and hospital for the Sherpa people. He served as New Zealand’s high commissioner to India from 1985 to 1988 and retained his strong interest in mountaineering.

Question 14: How do Hillary manage to climb the steep rock step which was about forty feet high?

Answer: Hillary managed to climb the steep rock step which was about forty feet high by lodging himself into a crack in the rock face and climbing steadily upwards.

Question 15: What did Hillary and Tenzing do when they reached the summit of Mt. Everest?

Answer: On reaching the summit of Mount Everest, Hillary and Tenzing’s joy knew no bounds. They hugged each other with joy. Hillary took photographs and Tenzing made a food offering to the gods. They also searched for signs of mountaineers from previous expeditions but were unsuccessful in this.

Question 16: Do you think the title – Eureka is suitable for the lesson? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes the title – Eureka is suitable for the lesson because till Colonel Hunt led the British expedition, previous attempts to scale Mount Everest were unsuccessful. The night before they scaled the summit, Tenzing and Hillary had spent a sleepless night due to extreme freezing conditions despite which they continued climbing. They scaled the peak after seven weeks. Discipline and hard-work contributed to the success of the duo. 

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