Everest Reactions Questions & Answers

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Everest Reactions Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was Thambi’s habit?

Answer: It was Thambi’s habit to go out and keep dashing back every little while with reports of cricket scores, flying saucers, traffic accidents, etc. for the members of his household. 

Question 2: What was the news that Thambi brought that day?

Answer: That day, Thambi brought the news that the Everest has been conquered.

Question 3: What did Thambi normally do when he gave such news?

Answer: After giving such news and arousing the interest of the old people, Thambi would normally run away leaving them engaged in conversation.

Question 4: Describe the immediate reaction of the people on hearing the news.

Answer:  On hearing the news, Thambi was caught by the ear and was rebuked for having gone to the neighbour’s house without studying. It was difficult for them to believe the news.

Question 5: Why did Thambi go to the neighbour’s house?

Answer: Thambi went to the neighbour’s house to listen to the radio.

Question 6: Why was the news taken with a sort of gloomy resignation?

Answer:  The news was taken with a sort of gloomy resignation because the people felt that it should have arrived in a spectacular manner and with a fanfare of trumpets for which they have been waiting for over a century. However, it came through Thambi who is the habitual purveyor of news titbits.

Question 7: Why does astrology feature in the conversation?

Answer: One member of the group said that from an astrologer’s point of view, the secret of success lies in getting hold of the horoscope of the persons concerned and fixing the time according to it.  If it is done accurately, it would solve ninety percent of the difficulties of any undertaking.

Question 8: What was the comment of the person with the business temperament?

Answer: The person with the business temperament commented that people would quarry the ice from Everest thereby revolutionizing the cold-storage industry completely. It may have to be shut down and people attached to refrigeration and air-conditioning industries would have to find alternate employment.

Question 9: How was the discussion on Everest stopped?

Answer: The discussion on Everest was stopped when once again Thambi stormed into the room and said that his friend’s father had bagged five tigers simultaneously when he had gone hunting.

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